Broner-Vargas Ratings Peak At 891,000

Love him or hate him, Adrien Broner sells. Adrien Broner's fight against Jessie Vargas last weekend peaked at 891,000 viewers, with an average of 782,000. Broner continues to be the best draw that Showtime has had over the last couple years as each of his fights on Showtime have been some of the highest rated fights they've had since 2013. Despite Broner's troubles in his career, both inside and outside of the ring, his ability to draw people to his fights continues to be a hit with the public. Whether he wins or losses his fights are often exciting. With a personality that baffles most people, the intrigue to continue to watch him fight seems to be there.

Broner and Vargas fought to a majority draw that many people felt Vargas had won. Regardless, Broner lives to fight another day. That is a good thing for Showtime.

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