Round-by-round updates for Canelo vs. GGG II

Canelo Alvarez faces Gennady Golovkin in a highly-anticipated rematch tonight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for live updates on here and Twitter.

The energy in here is insane!! Lots of cheers for both fighters. More boos for Canelo, but the cheers clearly outweighed the boos. Let's go!!

Round 1: Golovkin works with the jab. Canelo scored a couple of left hooks, missed a one-two, and a couple of body shots early.

Golovkin 10-9

Round 2: Close round. Canelo takes it. Great left hook to the head early in the round. He also connected on a right hand. GGG jabbing, but didn't do enough to win the round. Still missing a lot of shots.

Canelo 19-19

Round 3: Another close round. Both fighters traded hard uppercuts. GGG jabbed more, connected with a left hook and a straight right hand, but I think Canelo did just a little more to earn the round.

29-28 Canelo

Round 4: Clear round for GGG. Canelo took a hard uppercut, and GGG jabbed him to death -- even landed a hard combo later in the round.


Round 5: Canelo round. GGG jabbed well and landed a straight right, but Canelo also connected on a big right hand that was a key factor.


Round 6: GGG close round. Canelo landed a hard right hand. Thought GGG edged it.


Round 7: GGG round. GGG landed a hard uppercut at the end of the round. Canelo fought very well and scored with a counter right.


Round 8: Canelo round


Round 9: Canelo walking through GGG's shots and landing hard shots of his own. Canelo cut on the left eye.

Canelo round 87-86

Round 10:

GGG had Canelo hurt from a right hand. Canelo showing his defensive brilliance, but took too many punches. 96-96

Round 11: Golovkin busting up Canelo now. Canelo with one helluva chin. 105-104 GGG. Sorry I made a math error early...

Round 12: WHAT A FIGHT......WHAT A FIGHT Golovkin cut on the right eye...both fighters gave it their all....I have it 115-113 for GGG

Canelo wins a majority decision

115-113 (X2 for Canelo) and 114-114 even

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