For Pete's Sake, give Joey Spencer some real competition

Joey Spencer is no joke, but his matchups thus far in his five-bout professional career, have been a laughing stock.

Spencer, a nine-time amateur champion from Linden, Michigan, has knocked out all of his opponents, including a winless 41-year-old Cory Macon last Sunday in a first-round blasting on Fox Sports 1.

Yes, you heard that right. Spencer wiped out a guy who has never won a fight in his entire career, and you will unlikely hear his name ever again -- at least on a national scale in this sport.

This is an ongoing problem for Premier Boxing Champions on Fox Sports 1. In September, PBC announced a multi-million dollar four-year pact with Fox Sports. The deal calls for 22 dates per year across Fox prime (10 shows) and FS1 (12 shows). However, the FS1 shows have not been up to par.

On one hand, PBC is doing a phenomenal job giving younger boxers more exposure, but on the other hand, they are dumbing down the standard for boxing on national television.

There should be a strong standard. Does it have to be very strict? No. Do I know what the standard should be necessarily? No. But I can assure you that a fighter with zero wins on his resume has no business being on any television. Moreover, a boxer as skillful and powerful as Spencer, 18, has no business facing these kind of fighters.

Boxing fans are smart and are generally very hard to impress. If PBC wants to keep putting Spencer on national television, at least put someone up against him that has faced some "reasonable" level of competition. Perhaps we can start with someone who has actually won a few fights and can take a punch.

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