Betting on the boxing matches this weekend? Here are some strategy tips

Boxing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. There is nothing quite like seeing two fighters face off against one another. However, one way to increase this thrill is by getting involved in a bet or two. Before you start though, there are some tips you should keep in mind for getting the most out of boxing betting. To find out more about boxing betting strategies you can visit this page.

We have compiled a list of the essential tips that everyone should keep in mind before they start betting on boxing matches.

1. Understand the Markets

In Boxing there a variety of markets to consider. The main market is the winner, but there are so many differentials that you are able to bet on. You can bet on the knockout round and whether the fight will go the distance. There are even specific markets available such as betting on the number of punches that land. It is important to conduct some research before placing a bet on the more niche markets. The simple bets such as fight winner are recommended for novices. Boxing offers a large number of specific markets that will allow you to bet on many aspects of the fight.

2. Research the Statistics & Fighter Information

There is a wealth of information available to you to help you make your betting decision. There are many websites and resources that will allow you to access in-depth information about the fighters. You can also see the history of their fights and search for specific statistics. It is recommended to conduct this research before betting on a boxing fight. You can find out very detailed and specific information about each of the fighters previous bouts. This can give you key information that can give you an important edge when placing a bet. You can learn about the style of a specific fighter and also identify previous trends which could be repeated in future bouts. This can help you when trying to bet on specific rounds or when betting on whether the fight will go the distance.

3. Get to Know the Moneyline

Boxing bets are usually placed on a money line. This is how the casinos determine the odds for each fighter, and it will show you the number of winnings you can get from a bet. The system can seem complex at first, but it is relatively easy to understand. It will be shown by a plus or a minus sign. The minus sign indicates the fighter is the favorite and the plus sign will show that they are the underdog. For example, if Canelo Alvarez was given money line odds of -300, it would mean that a stake of £300 would be required to make a profit of £100. If his opponent was an underdog who was given odds of +200, then this would land a return a profit of £200 if the underdog was able to claim a victory.

4. Be Sure to Understand Championship System

The championship system of boxing can be confusing to novices. You can quickly tell who is the favorite of the fight and who is the underdog. There are a number of different weight classes which have different sanctioning organizations. There are a total of 4 major organizations which means that a weight class can have four different current title holders. You should pay special attention to any fight where a title is on the line. The motivation levels for these fights will differ significantly when compared to fights that do not have this added pressure. Boxing does have a fairly useful ranking system that can be used to asses the credentials of various fighters.

5. Look into Weights & Weigh-Ins

A glance at the weigh-ins can reveal a lot about which fighter you should bet on. Factors such as the weight of fighters at the scales and also their general demeanor can be very revealing. You should watch the weigh-ins closely and analyze the mood of the fighters. The psychological battle can often be just as important as the battle fought on the ring. It can also be useful to gauge if a fighter only just made their weight or if they comfortably made their weight. This can reveal how well prepared they are for the fight. These little details can make all the difference when it comes to the ring.


You should now have a much clearer idea of how to implement some basic strategies into boxing betting. The huge array of markets means that there is sure to be a bet that would entice most people. Once you understand these basics, it will be easy for you to start betting on boxing and maybe even pulling in some nice profits.

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