Can Danny Jacobs Beat Canelo Alvarez?

The huge middleweight title fight showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Danny Jacobs is just weeks away. The fight will take place in Las Vegas, NV, and will be shown live on DAZN. Ever since Danny Jacob's knockout loss to Dmitry Pirog nearly ten years ago, which was immediately followed by a battle with cancer that he won, Jacobs has been on the warpath. He's 15-1 since that devastating loss with the one loss coming to the hands of Gennady Golovkin, a fighter that many felt beat Canelo twice in their two fights. Danny Jacobs poses the length, skill, power, and jab to give Canelo all he can handle on May 4th. The big question is...can he actually win? Jacobs faces two big problems in this fight:


Danny Jacobs has been knocked out before, and he's been dropped a few times. Golovkin dropped him in the fourth round of their fight while Sergio Mora dropped him a few fights before that. Jacobs did recover from both of those, and gave Golovkin a close hard fight that some people felt he won. He was also able to take Sergey Derevyanchenko's power in their close fight. Canelo hits hard, and he's very aggressive. One way Jacobs can lose this fight would be Canelo landing a huge shot to knock him out.


It's no secret anymore. Any close fight that Canelo is in, he's going to get the decision. Even in a one sided massacre in which Floyd Mayweather dominated Canelo many years ago, one judge somehow managed to give Canelo 6 rounds while another gave him 4. It was a fight that he was lucky to win 2 round in. Whether it's crowd influence, favoring the popular fighter, style, favoring the money fighter, or other factors Canelo is nearly impossible to beat on the scorecards. Jacobs has every capability to outbox Canelo. He's got a grab jab, moves well, and has the height and reach advantage. A very feasible result to this fight is Jacobs doesn't get anywhere near Canelo, and is able to outbox him for 12 rounds. But can Jacobs win rounds so clearly that he makes it as one sided as Floyd Mayweather did? It's doubtful.

If Jacobs can avoid getting knocked out, and put on a boxing clinic, he may be able to win the fight. It's an uphill battle but it's possible. It doesn't seem likely that Jacobs can knock Canelo out as Canelo has proven to have a solid chin over the years. That would mean he would have to win a decision. Many people believe that even if Jacobs wins the fight, the judges will never give it to him.

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