Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs: Round-by-Round Prediction

Let's just get to the point. Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs will fight in a middleweight world title unification on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Who is going to win it all? Let's take it round-by-round.

Round 1: Canelo gets off to a hot start targeting the body of Jacobs.

Winner: Canelo 10-9

Round 2: Jacobs lands a couple of jabs on Canelo and a left hook. Canelo comes back in the second half of the round and attacks Jacobs with combinations downstairs. Close round. It's Vegas. Canelo takes it.

Winner: Canelo 20-18

Round 3: Jacobs is frustrated while looking for an opening. Canelo catches him with an uppercut coming in. Canelo is bouncing on his toes and outboxing Jacobs.

Winner: Canelo 30-27

Round 4: Counter left hook from Canelo hurts Jacobs. A couple of jabs sneak through the guard and score for Jacobs, but Canelo is landing the damaging shots.

Winner: Canelo 40-36

Round 5: Canelo takes the round off. Jacobs goes for broke and connects with a hard right hand. That shot woke up Canelo and Jacobs rips a combination to the head.

Winner: Jacobs 49-46

Round 6: Jacobs snaps Canelo's head back with hard jabs to the head and to the body. Clear Jacobs round.

Winner: Jacobs 58-56

Round 7: Canelo returns to form and lands a hard right cross. Jacobs gets to Canelo's body with a left hook. Not much going on in that round. Canelo edges it.

Winner: Canelo 68-65

Round 8: Both fighters are doing some work on the inside. Jacobs lands with a lead right hand and an uppercut. The crowd roars as Canelo responds with a combination and finishes with an effective right-hand shot. Close round. Jacobs might have gotten it.

Winner: Jacobs 77-75

Round 9: Jacobs lets his hands go to the body, but Canelo covers up well and counters with a hard right hand. Jacobs whacks Canelo with the jab, but still can't penetrate Canelo's defense on the inside. Jacobs is starting to look desperate and swinging wild.

Winner: Canelo 87-84

Round 10-12

Canelo dictates the rest of the fight.

Result: Canelo Alvarez wins by unanimous decision 117-111

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