KSI tops Logan Paul by split decision in battle of non-boxers

LOS ANGELES -- The battle of the online superstars had its sequel, and this time we have an actual winner -- not without controversy, though.

KSI handed Logan Paul a split decision loss on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Two judges scored the fight 57-54 and 56-55 for KSI, while a third judge had it 56-55 for Paul.

However, the star of the fight was referee Jack Reiss, who botched two knockdowns.

In the second round, KSI connected with a clean right hand that dropped Paul, but Reiss ruled that the punch landed behind the head, negating the knockdown. Instant replay showed the punch landed on the top of Paul's head.

In the fourth round, Paul visibly hurt KSI with a right uppercut on the inside that dropped him to the canvas. However, Reiss deducted two points from Paul for holding his head while he was going down, landing another uppercut, and hitting him twice more while down on the floor.

Saturday night's bout didn't come without controversy. In the fourth round, Paul visibly hurt KSI with a short right uppercut on the inside and then followed with another uppercut that dropped him to the canvas.

The rest of the fight consisted of Paul and KSI swinging for the fences, seldom landing anything. According to Compubox, KSI landed 56 of 264 punches (21 percent), while Paul connected on 61 of 220 (28 percent).

Paul said after the fight that he would file a protest with the commission.

Good luck with that, kid.

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