Manager inadvertently admits collaboration with fashion designer on investment fraud, rankings fabrication scheme

The pieces to the puzzle have been connected.

On Friday, discovered that a self-proclaimed fashion designer is trying to persuade people to invest money in two Connecticut-based boxers using deceitful statements.

Jason Diaz, who claims to be the owner of "Reps & Scales Fashion," made false statements regarding unbeaten cruiserweight Richard Rivera (15-0, 12 KO's).

Diaz claimed that Rivera was the No. 6 ranked WBC contender at 200 pounds and asked his circle on social media to donate $200,000, although Rivera is not ranked by any of the major sanctioning bodies.

An investigation by revealed that Rivera's manager, Tony Blanco, was involved in the fabrication. Rivera admitted via text message that he was using the NABF rankings to promote Rivera as the WBC No. 6 ranked contender.

Rivera is ranked No. 7 by the NABF.

A day after Blanco's role was disclosed, we were contacted by an individual who had communications with him. obtained a copy of the messages, where Blanco stated his intentions of speaking to us regarding the exposés. They included trying to convince the author that the clothing designer had made an "honest mistake," inadvertently disclosing that the two had collaborated to defraud investors using deceit.

But where is the mistake?

As aforementioned, Blanco admitted to that they were knowingly using the incorrect rankings to promote their boxer as a world contender. That is no mistake.

Moreover, if this was just an "honest mistake," why is the investment post using phony information still up as of this moment on Diaz's social media pages?

Diaz reached out to early Sunday morning and said, "Thanks for the free promo."

As we have previously reported, "Reps & Scales Fashion" does not exist. Their website is down, their business phone doesn't work, and there is no evidence of any customer reviews, which usually indicates that a business is legitimate.

We got in touch with our sources, who have been told to inform Blanco that we will have no such discussion. The same goes for Diaz, who also reached out to his followers, asking if anyone knew the individual who exposed him.

Well, I do.

Blanco was apparently willing to divulge to that he only pretends to be the manager, which brings up even more questions.

Additional sources have informed that there is at least one investor who has contributed to their scam. An exact amount was not disclosed.

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