Derrick Webster to make directorial debut with "Pushed Back"

Derrick Webster is exploring his entrepreneurial side.

The 168-pound fighter is directing a new movie called "Pushed Back," a film that depicts how the street life can destroy a family.

Webster made his film debut in the much-popular series "Creed," the spin-off to the Rocky collection of movies. However, that film was not the beginning of his interest in the industry.

"Everybody thinks my TV time started with Creed -- it didn't," Webster said.

Webster also worked on the movie "Heartless," which was released on December 5th.

"I have a street film with a lot of teachable moments. For my family, I represent that you can have everything in the palm of your hands, but then lose everything immediately.

Webster told that the movie will touch on the issues the United States is facing today.

"When people think something of you, then that's what it should be (in today's world)," he said. "The streets itself has indeed destroyed every race and family in the world. It's not a black thing; it's not a white thing; it's not a hispanic thing. Every race has been affected by the streets."

Another interesting element to the movie is that actual gangsters will be in the film.

"I got some guys in my movie that would do something to you," he revealed. "But instead of turning on the news and you seeing these people on the news killing people, they are showing their strip of the street in an artistic way through my movie.

So, what's the message Webster wants to send?

"If you're a tough guy, it's okay for you to be tough. It's okay for you to be yourself, but it's also better when you can be yourself and reach somebody else."

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