Why Your Success in Web Development Requires Passing Microsoft 70-480 Test Using Exam Dumps

IT is an amazing, interesting, but very rapidly changing field of activity that involves a large number of employees. To increase their professional level, these specialists have to update their knowledge to work with a certain IT product, technology or ensure its management so, to gain such skills they opt for various certifications. If you are the one who works with Microsoft products or simply aim to build a career within such a reputable company as Microsoft, earning its credential is what you need to do first of all.

As a world-famous software company,Microsoft is actively involved in equipping IT personnel with the most relevant skills. It organizes training courses and conducts exams and issues certificates for candidates interested in growing within their career.

Previously issued certifications (MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD) are mainly knowledge-oriented, while the credentials of this year are focused on skills and known as role-based.

Succeeding in one’s career may take different paths. But for someone aspiring to work in the web development industry, the right path begins with passing the Microsoft exam 70-480. Why is this the case? This happens because of the great demand for developers' skills.

Exam 70-480 is known as Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It’s one of the two exams along with 70-486 test that leads you to the MCSA: Web Applications credential. This badge is ideal for candidates who set the goal to become a web developer or web administrator. So if your desire is to be successful in this industry, then you need to walk with us as below you’ll get the most essential information of how to pass this exam on your first trial to fit in your role perfectly.

About Microsoft Exam 70-480

To start with, to take 70-480 test, you should have at least one-year experience of programming various applications with JavaScript. You should also be proficient in developing object-oriented models with HTML. This exam will check your skills to implement and manage objects as well as document structures, work with the program flow, secure data. In addition, it tests how skillful you are in working with CSS3 in applications.

The Exam-labs Microsoft 70-480 exam lasts for 2-hours, within which you need to cover 40-60 exam questions. The questions provided in the test are of various types, such as multiple-choices, active screen, best answer question format, review screen, fill-in-the-blank, and others. To pass the test, you need to score at least 700 out of 1000 marks. This is what will allow you to move to the next step and eventually earn your MCSA: Web Applications. Every exam candidate has to ensure they pay $165 as the fee for the test.

Success in your field is going to be dependent on how you understand these topics and how you’ll apply the knowledge gained in creating apps. Exam 70-480 is what you need to ensure you’re ready for any web developer opportunity when it arrives.

What Should You Do to Pass 70-480 Test?

Microsoft exams are not easy, especially when we speak about the associate level or expert-level exams. That’s why thorough preparation is what you need.

So what should you do as a candidate to pass this Microsoft exam on your first trial? First, prepare a guide to help you go through the topics one-by-one. From this guide you’ll know which topics to cover, which concepts to learn. The next step you need to follow is to make a timetable and manage your time effectively, so that you are able to cover all exam topics and have time to revise the learned material or focus on the parts that need some extra time.

Another important step is to get the most updated material from trustworthy sources. You need to find out which available courses to attend, the books better to use, and other helpful study resources to check. Once you have determined what you’re going to utilize, get down to your studies. Focus on getting the best out of the materials you’re using. Ensure to study in a calm and relaxed environment where nothing distracts your attention.

Proper Exam 70-480 Study Resources to Use

So, to pass the test easily, you need to study and practice a lot using reliable platforms. In this article, you’ll know what options to check first and foremost. These are the options from Microsoft and a popular online-platform Exam-Labs that you can fully rely on:

Microsoft 70-480 Instructor-Led Course for either classroom or on-demand training

Official Exam 70-480 Study Guide accessible through Microsoft Press

Exam-Labs Microsoft certification exam 70-480 dumps

Exam-Labs Microsoft 70-480 Exam Quick Study Guide

You can opt for one material and utilize it, or you can mix all these options to achieve the best result.

Why Are Exam Dumps Helpful in Passing Test 70-480?

Imagine you’ve gone through all the exam topics or are yet to start and wondering which way to go next. With the Microsoft 70-480 exam dumps, you can easily check if you have mastered the topics you’ve completed studying. For that, you can utilize exam dumps for 70-480 test. The secret is to use the most valid and updated ones and for that, check the Exam-Labs online platform. Here you’ll find a wide range of dumps both free and paid for 70-480 test.

Making use of the Exam-Labs Premium Bundle would do your prep a lot of justice. And this is not just about exam dumps. With their training courses, study guides, premium files, you won’t have any reason to fail in your final test.

Note that all the files available at Exam-Labs are in vce format, which are opened only on the VCE Software. With this modern tool, you can get the feeling of being almost in the real exam environment. Thus, you can tackle different question types, make your own strategy, manage your time and check your results. Unlimited practicing and the most updated exam dumps make your preparation effective.

Once you complete a session, always countercheck with the answers that come with them. Don’t miss this chance of making sure you get the best grades in your test. Using these exam resources is a sure way to make it in the test!

Note, that after earning the MCSA: Web Applications credential, you can pass one more exam and get the MCSD: App Builder badge which will bring you more perks. For instance, being MCSA certified you can earn annually about $74,000, while with the MCSD credential your salary will be about $101,000.


The MCSA: Web Applications certification is vital for you if you would like to grow in your professional career. Passing your 70-480 exam is your first step towards it, still, preparation plays the key role as well. Check the most reliable resources, such as the Microsoft website, and utilize exam dumps from Exam-Labs. Also, follow the tips provided in this article, and you will be a winner on the chosen path of a web developer.

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