Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Odds and Preview

It’s finally a done deal. All locked in and finally almost here.

The super-fight rematch that we’ve all been waiting for is scheduled and on the books for Saturday, February 22nd.

Yes, I’m talking about the second iteration of Wilder vs. Fury … or now, Fury vs. Wilder.

The Fury-Wilder boxing odds are out, and Tyson Fury is a slight favorite (-110). But you have to wonder if they will change. Why? You might ask ... Well, Tyson Fury has suddenly switched trainers.

Deontay Wilder believes the move is simply to have an excuse for a loss. Not to just change up the game plan – “A lot of stuff that he’s doing is making me feel like he’s setting up an excuse for when he loses. The weight thing ... I don’t wanna hear nothing about being out of shape or, he didn’t have enough time to get in shape.’ All these trainers around, I don’t wanna hear when I knock him out that, ‘If he had Ben, it would’ve been better.’ I don’t wanna hear no excuses. I already feel like all this stuff that’s going on is going to be bent around as excuses. We’ll see what happens.”

For me, my biggest question is how this will legitimately impact Tyson Fury. When you have a trainer that you’ve been working with for a while, there is an intimate knowledge, and comfort, so to speak. As Wilder said – paraphrased– when you are trying to correct things, it can take years … and it takes even longer when you aren’t used to working with a particular trainer.

But the plan for Fury is to add some additional power and go for the knockout. But here is something that should be noted. The betting odds show Fury to be as high as a 115 favorite, but Deontay Wilder has taken more than 61% of the action. A couple of shops such as Bovada, Heritage, and Bookmaker have adjusted and now have Deontay Wilder as the slight favorite, but many haven’t.

The way this works is the sportsbooks try to set a fair line and then the public will artificially move the line. Essentially, if a ton of people are betting one way, they have to adjust the lines to attract action in the other direction so that no matter who wins, they have close to an equal amount of action on both sides and use the losses to pay for the winnings and they make their money off the rake. So, if Fury was indeed a fair favorite if the lines do keep moving away from him and go more and more in favor of Wilder, would it be valuable to take Fury as an underdog?

Another interesting thing to note is that the public is all over the UNDER on rounds. The OVER/UNDER on rounds is 10.5 and the OVER is the clear favorite at -140 to -150. But over 60% of the action has gone on UNDER 10.5. So, many people think that this fight won’t go the distance.

The Prediction

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We are going to see the best of both of these Fighters on February 22nd. Tyson Fury is the most difficult matchup that Wilder has had to face and I think Fury will use this quest for power as a smokescreen. If he is smart, he will won’t sacrifice mobility for power.

Wilder has learned how to box Fury but that doesn’t mean he should be an auto-bet. Fury basically stepped into the ring against the greatest heavy-weight at the moment, cold – with just a couple of weak warmup fights after 3 years off. Now, Fury fully has his legs back under him.

I think we’ll see this one go the distance and another decision. With Wilder, you are always just one punch away from a loss, so I am loath to pick a winner. That said, I’ll take OVER 10.5 for -135 at 5Dimes on a ride that the fight at least goes to the 11th round.

This is going to be a battle and Fury-Wilder II should be just as entertaining as the first edition!

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