Celebrities Who Love Slot Machines

It used to be that your height of fame was measured by the success of your career and by the amount of money you made. Now if you feature in a slot game, you really have hit the celebrity heights and have been part of something that has become truly special.

Themed slots at Thor Slots are all the rage at present and if you are lucky enough to be part of a mega hit film or TV show, then chances are you will find your face spinning on the reels. Friends, Game Of Thrones, Britain’s Got Talent, Highlander, Jurassic Park, Terminator II and Batman Returns are just a few examples where famous faces have been encompassed into a slot game, thanks to the success of a film or TV show.

However, are celebrities aware that they have been immortalized in a slot game and do they play the slots themselves?

Gambling Goes Mainstream

Gambling has undergone huge changes in recent years and more people than ever and from all sections of society are spinning the reels. In fact since the advent of the internet and the digital revolution of the 1990’s gambling has become a mainstream pursuit.

Slots today are a huge business and this can be seen by the large amounts slot manufacturers are willing to pay for the rights to popular brands and celebrities themselves. Madonna’s licensing agreement with Aristocrat Technologies is rumored to be worth $10 million alone. It is also thought that the rights to shows like The Big Bang Theory and the Simpsons are selling for $20 million each. With so much money changing hands one can only assume that celebrities get a cut if their image is included in a slot game.

Celebrity Flutters

With celebrities and slot games linked, it should come as no surprise to discover that there are some very high profile personalities from the entertainment world that love to gamble. One of them is Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame. If you are too young to remember Baywatch, then you may remember her getting Kidnapped in the comedy film Borat.

Pamela Anderson is an avid poker player but she also loves slot machines too. She has even given her own image a spin on the reels in the shape of the Baywatch slot.

The late television producer David Gest who produced the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2001, was also famous for being married to Liza Minnelli. What you may not know about him is that he was a keen slots player and spent thousands of dollars on them. He was fond of most types of slots and they were a major source of entertainment for him.

Paris Hilton, the American media and business personality and great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, loves to gamble. She is a frequent visitor to casinos and although she is more likely to be seen at the tables, she also likes a spin too. In fact she has been the face and ambassador of a famous UK casino brand.

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