5 Boxing Betting Tips 2020: Your Ultimate Guide for Profit

Boxing is incredibly popular. Today, not a month passes without a fight, and the hype associated with each contest is way above most sports. When a major bout is coming up, the media and blogs are hysterical.

With all the major upcoming bouts postponed due to coronavirus, it is time to learn a few boxing tips to ready yourself for the next betting opportunities.

Here are tips for you:

1. Head before heart

We all get drawn into the emotion of boxing. However, you must be able to separate the two when it comes to betting. For example, when Deontay Wilder faced Tyson Fury for the second time, we knew it would be a tight fight, but the stats backed Fury. Betting with your heart would have otherwise misled you.

What we are saying is using statistical analysis will make you win more fights than you lose.

2. Use previous data and available stats

Professional bettors have always done well in judging who is doing well against an opponent. If you are looking at an up and coming fighter, you need to be aware of whether or not they have ever been into the ring. Use the available statistics to get the right information. But if you can’t get any information, ignore the fight, because betting in such a match would be similar to tossing a coin. The fight can go either way.

3. Don’t buy into the hype

Boxing promoters do whatever they can to increase ticket sales, and increase the viewership of the fight. To them, their game is a cashing opportunity.

As a punter, though, this hype shouldn’t influence how you bet. Whether a boxer is undefeated or not, compare them on tactics and styles of fights. The fact that this fighter knocked out their last opponent doesn’t mean they would do it in the next bout.

4. Dig into archives

Look in the past and see if the fighters have fought against each other. Like in our previous example, Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury two determined how placed bets in their second fight. In the first fight, he managed a draw because of the knockdowns, but he had long lost the game to Fury. So, in their second show, we knew what exactly Tyson was going to do.

5. How do the boxers fight?

You always hear the common phrase that styles make fights and often comes a time that statement holds. You must understand how both fighter’s throw their punches. What we mean here is the spread, accuracy and reflexes. Compare them on paper and see how that pans out once they clash. Generally speaking, a quick fighter, with great reflexes and punching accuracy carries the day. Using these stats can particularly help you in betting on live games at the best live casino.

6. Trust your instincts

Treat betting on boxing like investment. In investment, we always trust what we know, but not as much as we trust our intuition. How many times have you said to yourself for some reason I see this fighter will win? When everyone else laughed at you and told you that you do not know a thing about boxing for saying that. Then the course of it turned out that you were right. Your instinct is your greatest asset, one that you don’t share with anyone else.


Betting on boxing isn’t for experts only. You too can join and make some money. You must nonetheless stop listening to other people and trust yourself. Every time you read how this boxer is going to beat that boxer,, remember that the same experts once said Bronze Bomber would TKO the Gypsy King against all the available stats. Wins lies in the numbers, nothing else!

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