Mike Tyson Considers Comeback

Weeks ago the baddest man on the planet told T.I that he was planning on making a comeback to do some exhibition matches. Tyson talked of doing a couple 4 round fights to raise money for charity. With sports at a null amidst the Covid-19 virus, the 53 year old former heavyweight champion of the world showed a fifteen second clip of him hitting the pads in what looked like a garage. The world has been talking since. Tyson has told multiple people that the comeback isn't a joke. Opponents names have been thrown across the board. Support is coming from all angles, especially the fans. Tyson has reportedly been training for months. He also admits that his body is taking a beating in the process.

While some support has seen fans wanting to see Iron Mike step into the ring with top contenders among the heavyweight division, the reality is that Tyson isn't likely to get getting in the ring for 12 round championship fights. Hitting pads and training for a twelve round championship fight are two different worlds. However, a 4 round exhibition match is seriously something the former phenom is capable of. It remains to be seen if any of this becomes reality. One thing is certain. Right now, Tyson has the world's attention.

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