Basic Boxing Moves For Self Defence

Boxing is one of the greatest sports in the world and there are a tonne of boxers who have made a living by punching other people in face. However, for the non-pro boxers, boxing is a great method for self-defence as well. While you may not be able to execute boxing moves the way that the pro’s do, you can always defend yourself with them.

Is Boxing A Good Way For Self-Defence?

Yes, it is, in fact it is recommended means of self-defence for most people. This is because boxing offers a variety of defensive and attacking manoeuvres. With boxing, you will also get effective footwork practice and distance control. Meaning that if you were to take boxing self-defence class, robbers and criminals won’t stand an chance against you.

Best Boxing Moves For Self-Defence

While it may be easy to play boxing themed online casino slot games, when it comes to real deal, boxing can pack quite a punch. That being said we shall look at some of the best boxing moves for self-defence.

1. Jab

2. Cross

3. Hook

4. Upper Cut

5. Slip

6. Roll

How To Start With Boxing Self-Defence Training

The above-mentioned are the basic moves that you can use in boxing for self-defence. If you want to learn these moves, you can easily enrol in self-defence classes. You can enrol in online as well physical classes. Just like how casinos français has both online and land-based casinos.

With basic self-defence knowledge you can easily get yourself out of tricky situations. However, since these are for self-defence, only use them when you need to. That means that you should not abuse the moves that you learned and use them in a wrong way. This is because if your do, you can easily be charged with assault. This will then put you at fault instead of the so-called attacker.

That is why even as you learn these basic boxing moves you will also learn two things, awareness and boundaries.

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