Lock Down and Online Bingo

Even as much of the world tentatively lifts the restrictions caused by the Corona virus there are still many industries, companies and businesses that cannot at yet open, especially within the hospitality industry. The bricks and mortar venues like cinemas, casinos and bingo halls continue to have their doors locked for the foreseeable future leading to many turning online for the entertainment.

Online Bingo a Social Statement

Possibly one of the most social of all games is the age- old game of chance, bingo, which over the last couple of decades or so has enjoyed quite a resurgence in its popularity for a few reasons. We all lead busy lives and being able to pick up a game when and where we choose ticks all the boxes for a lot of players. Bingo is one of those games which you can enjoy for just a few minutes in your lunch-break or settle down with of an evening, and because if is so very social then there is sure to be someone you can have a laugh with over a few games.

Making the move to the smaller screen worked perfectly for bingo which managed to keep that social side through the use of live chat features during the game and as so many families are still estranged online bingo sites are a great place to meet up and have some fun.

Which are the Best Online Bingo Sites?

Because of this increased popularity new online bingo sites are popping up on our pages almost daily and this is great on one hand for the consumer as it gives them more choice, but on the other hand it is also a little confusing, especially for those new to online bingo. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks you can do to ensure that you end up playing on one of the best sites out there today.

If you go here you will find yourself at bingosties.net your ‘one stop shop’ for all of your online bingo needs as it act just like any other comparison site you would check for new home or car insurance, only this site brings together only the best, high-quality online bingo sites available.

Staffed by a team of independent experts and bingo enthusiasts bingosites.net tries and tests each online bingo site that is added to their pages which means each one will be joined to find out if what they advertise is in the box.

All the most important factors will be taken into consideration, including whether a current gambling license is in place, that the depositing options are true and fair alongside other points like:-

• Making sure only the top players in the industry are providing the software

• That there is a wide selection of themed games in many variations

• That there is an established online community presence where people feel comfortable about making new friends.

• Making sure that there is a professional and friendly customer support services on call at all times

• That there are regular and generous bonuses and promotional offers available to both existing and new players alike

• That the whole site is writing in jargon free language, is clear and transparent and holds no hidden small print

There are other points which will be considered but as you can see the team at newbingosites.net know their business which takes a lot of the hard work out of finding that perfect site for all of your bingo needs.

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