Top Boxers of All Time

All rankings of the best boxers in the world are subjective. Some people may say the rankings were overrated, underrated or there may be so many disagreements regarding the rankings. We have compiled a list of the best boxers of all time, you might agree or disagree. Well if you get tired of watching wrestling all the time, try playing real money online casino games at for a change, you will not regret it.

Sugar Ray Robinson

He was active from 1940 to 1965. He was the World Welterweight, World Middleweight champion five times.

He was undefeated when he was an amateur fighter, he won all 85 of his fights. His first defeat was when he faced Jake LaMotte in his 41st pro fight. That was a continuous 126 victories which most boxers would never be able to do today.

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong was active from the year 1931 to 1945. He once won the World Featherweight, World Lightweight and World Welterweight championships. He held world championships in three divisions. holding world championships in three different divisions is not common at all. Armstrong defeated many famous fighters in his time.

Willie Pep

He was active in the years 1940 to 1966. He won the World Featherweight; he was considered to be one of the fastest and durable players in the history of boxing. He was the dominating featherweight fighter of his era.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time. At just 22 years old Ali won his first heavyweight championship. He was using his birth name at the time he won his first championship. When he refused to fight in Vietnam, he was stripped off his championship and he did not fight for four years. At that time, he had converted to Islam and had changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.Did you know that you can you at you can bet on your favorite boxer and stand a chance to win big.

Joe Louis

Joe Louis was active from the years 1934 to 1951. He has a legendary heavyweight championship. Louis held on to the World Heavyweight championship for 140 months, he defended it for 25 times. He was famous for his power in punching.

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