Best Boxing Commentators of All Time

Boxing is sport that is loved by many. It is sport that can be used as full body workout as well as sport that can used for entertainment purposes. As interesting as the sport may be, people also look forward to the commenters. Because even though the boxers can be doing a great job, if the commenter lags behind and does not deliver everything gets boring just like online casinos in the united states if there is none guiding players it might get messy . That is why today we want to look at some of the best boxing commentators of all time.

Top Boxing Commenters

Ian Darke

One of the best boxing commenters of the 1990’s and 2000’s was Ian Darke. There was never a dull moment when this boxing commenter starting with his job of narrating the match in away that only could manage to do and put a smile everyone’s faces.

Ian Darke did lack bit of charisma, however alongside former boxer Glenn McCroy you would want sit and watch the matches that they commented on or hours on end.

Jim Lampley

For over 30 years Jim Lampley has been making sure that boxing ring was his playground and he knew all that was happening there. He is one of the best boxing commenters and although at times he was a bit biased towards a particular boxer, no one could blame him. We mean if you talk about match so much you are bound to be a fan of at least one of the boxers.

Ferdie Pacheco

Ferdie Pacheco was more than a boxing commentator he was the Muhammad Ali’s former physician and corner man. That is why he was a master when it can to commenting on the boxing matches. In most cases, he could even guess the outcome of match before it even began. Imagine having the skill of guessing correctly the outcome of online casino games from, how great that would be and how much money that you could make out it.

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