4 Boxing Betting Tips for Beginners

Boxing is a global sport watched by millions. It’s one of the most exciting ways to gamble, too, because anything can happen in a split second. Even if you think your fighter is losing, they always have a chance in a boxing match. Of course, betting is more exciting when the wagers are successful, and combat sports are no different. If you’re a beginner who hasn’t placed many bets with an online bookmaker before, the odds aren’t in your favor since the markets are varied and can be confusing. Therefore, it’s vital that you understand a couple of basic features to give your wager a fighting shot. Here are the four main ones to focus on for newcomers.

The Key Terms

Every sport comes equipped with its own keywords and phrases. Unfortunately, the jargon making boxing betting challenging as you might not know what you’re betting on. Under these circumstances, a wager is a game of chance, and you might as well flip a coin and hope for the best. To decipher the markets, you must research terms such as KO, TKO, DQ, and Decision. Some are easier to follow than others – a knockout is self-explanatory – yet some aren’t as obvious. For instance, a knockout is different from a KO depending on whether you bet on it to occur in the fight as a whole or a particular round.

The StatsResearch is vital as it highlights which boxer to choose and which to avoid. The odds do that already, but there is more to a fight than the projected bookmaker odds. After all, there are only two fighters, and two horse races can notoriously swing from side to side. The statistics from a fighter’s previous matches will showcase whether they are the deserved favorites or an accidental long shot. Like the key terms, it’s about focusing on the correct figures, such as the punches thrown and landed, the number of jabs per round, and the power punches per round landed. While they are simple in many respects, they are effective as these are the attributes most judges use to determine the winner of a fight.

The Environment

The environment can make a big difference in how you perceive a fight. If you’re lucky enough to land a ringside seat at a casino, something the Japanese call a ‘casino trip’ or カジ旅, you’ll be influenced by the incredible atmosphere. Therefore, it’s often smarter to put the bet on via an internet account before you get to the arena or stadium to avoid letting your heart get in the way of your head. More and more wagers are being placed via mobile devices now since an internet connection makes a wager accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. Plus, all an account shows you are the cold, hard facts.

The Styles

A zero next to a fighter’s record signifies they are ready to perform and have their entire career. Still, it’s tempting to assume that a loss means the person in the opposite corner is a pushover – they aren’t. In boxing, the styles make fights. As a result, a defeat doesn’t necessarily mean they are the weaker boxer. If they like to jab and move, and the undefeated boxer is a power puncher, there’s a good chance the former will win the fight as long as they stay out of range.

The key is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate matters. When you do, more things can go wrong.

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