The Best Boxing Announcers of All Time

Going back to the old days of television around 1940, many boxing announcers have occupied our televisions and living rooms. Some were so welcoming and entice some of us to watch and enjoy australia casino online games.

In addition, some boxing announcers were entertaining, informative and enjoyable to listen to. At the same time, we also had some who were boring. On that note, we are going to take you back down the memory lane by giving you a list of the best boxing announcers of all time.

Gil Clancy

Nobody was going to tell stories better than he did; his gift of gab was amazing. At the same time, no one was going to be in the boxing ring making announcement better than he does. Clancy was available on scenes of CBS, HBO as well as the MSG Network.

Don Dunphy

Don began the career of being a boxing ring announcer in the 1930s on radio. He was someone who likes riding solo. He enjoyed working alone. He was one of the few newcomers who was capable of working alone without too much supervision. Don was “The Don” when it comes to captivating the audiences with his chants when announcing a boxing match.

Howard Cosell

Most people loved this this guy, even though sometimes he would go on and announce the wrong information and casino games games. He would mostly get punches very wrong, he would say the boxer has been dropped with a left hood yet it was the right. However, there was something unique about Howard Cosell, the way he would address his audiences was top notch. “Hello again, everyone, this is Howard Cosell.”

These men made boxing to be one of the best and recognized sport in the world. They made everything about the sport great and it made most fans to start following and understand the game.

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