Paul vs Mayweather: What Are The Odds?

The internet is already buzzing with anticipation about the fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and understandably so. This once-in-a-lifetime bout will see amateur boxer and internet sensation Paul take on one of boxing’s most decorated figures in an exhibition bout at the Hard Rock Stadium. It’s no surprise that spectators are waiting breathlessly – Mayweather’s peerless reputation among sports fans and Paul’s expansive online following make this a perfect storm of publicity and public interest. A number of online casino providers are already offering odds on the winner of this bout, but what do these odds mean and what can you expect from this unusual match-up? Read on to find out!

A Tale of Two Fighters

Part of what makes this exhibition match one of the year’s most anticipated sporting events is the vastly different backgrounds of the two fighters. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has often been called one of the greatest boxers of all time, retiring with an undefeated record and a number of titles to his name. Logan Paul, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to the world of boxing, with a single match behind him (which resulted in a loss). Instead, Paul made his name as an internet personality, racking up more than 5.8 billion views on his official YouTube channel. Indeed, it might be hard to picture these two fighters occupying the same arena, yet, on 6 June 2021, they will both take to the ring. The unexpected nature of this pairing is intriguing, since nobody really knows what to expect from such contradictory personalities; rather, we will have to tune in to find out.

How do the odds look for the Paul v Mayweather bout?

It is perhaps unsurprising to learn that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is strongly favoured to emerge victorious in June, since his flawless record and decades-long reputation have made him one of the sport’s most fearsome opponents. What may surprise some is the degree of certainty that many bookies seem to have in this prediction. In fact, some odds-makers are offering up to -100,000 odds on Mayweather’s win, meaning that a $100,000 bet would only yield a pay-out of $100. This suggests that there is a 99.9% chance that Paul will lose his second foray into the boxing ring.

Of course, bookies are also considering – albeit without much confidence – the outside chance that Paul will pull off an upset, with odds of +2,000 available from some online casino operators. While these odds may seem stacked against the controversial YouTuber, a small bet could potentially pay large dividends if such an upset occurs. Currently, oddsmakers consider a draw to be more likely than an outright victory for Paul – although, to many, a draw would be considered a major victory for Paul, considering his opponent’s undefeated track record – with some offering +1,600 odds on this potential outcome.

What’s Behind These Odds?

As we have already discussed, Mayweather Jr. has one of the most impressive winning streaks in boxing history. Bookies will have no doubt taken this into account when drawing up their odds for this fight. Similarly, Paul’s relative inexperience – as well as his 0-1 record in the ring – will surely have made punters nervous about backing him and his chance of beating the odds. With fifty wins and zero defeats throughout his storied career, Mayweather Jr. has yet to encounter an opponent that he couldn’t defeat – could a YouTuber really be the first to put him on the ropes?

The odds are certainly in Mayweather’s favour and it seems that nobody will be surprised if he takes home yet another victory at the Hard Rock Stadium. Yet, sporting history is filled with upsets, underdog stories and David versus Goliath outcomes, so we can never really be sure what to expect. While Paul’s odds are long, they may be tempting to betters who see the chance for a major pay-out if the unexpected occurs. Paul certainly seems confident. Indeed, at the beginning of May, he confidently declared, ‘Five weeks until I beat Floyd Mayweather’. Could we be in for one of the greatest surprise victories in sporting history? Only time will tell!

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