Is Boxing Finding a Second Life with YouTube?

Bob Arum, who is a Hall of Fame promoter for boxing has stated that he’s been getting some very angry phone calls. Apparently, Mike Tyson and the famous Roy are generating far too much money on the co-main event. He’s also been getting phone calls because Jake Paul has been featured on the main event against Nate Robinson, who is a former NBA player. Floyd Mayweather’s match against Logan Paul also went ahead as planned, with fans being furious at the result. The Paul brothers and a total of five celebrities have taken their beef to the ring, and this has done nothing but captivate subscribers across the board. It’s incredibly interesting to see how things have unfolded and it is also great to see that boxers are now really putting themselves in the spotlight in a whole different way. Jake Paul has celebrated his knockout against Nate Robinson and this is changing things for the boxing world.

A New Age Dawns

Many people wonder if now is the time for boxing to be born again. More and more people are taking to boxing as a way to promote their Youtube channel; additionally, it would also seem that it’s also been a revelation in helping the industry power forward. The online casino industry has undergone a very similar change in recent years too. There was a time that, if you wanted to play poker on television, you had to be a professional. Now, thanks to sites such as GGPoker, anyone can turn on their webcam and play poker online. This is incredible and just a ‘pie in the sky’ idea a few short years ago. Such innovation and tech advances indicates that the entire entertainment industry is changing and becoming more and more versatile, and by definition accessible with each passing year.

Gaining Momentum

It’s a phenomenon that it’s gaining momentum like it is. Sideshows are now outdrawing real matches and this coincides a lot with the fact that controversial boxers who have come from sites such as YouTube are now stealing the limelight. Some people believe that if there is a market for it, then people should capitalise on it. Mayweather has legitimised these claims by going on to fight Logan Paul. He, as a fighter, is 0-1 and Mayweather is 50-0. Some say that the fight had a disappointing ending and this may have been the case, but at the end of the day, it is paving the way for new and interesting revelations. Out of the ring, Logan is known for his YouTube channel. He has faced a lot of controversy in the past with his outrageous statements but this is helping to fuel his internet fame.

Out of the Ring

It’s interesting to see that in some ways, boxing is making stars more money. YouTube stars have helped to give rise to more opportunities for boxers who have otherwise retired. Mayweather for example has seen the opportunity to make a good comeback and stars such as Logan Paul have also been able to capitalise on their success by taking their efforts to the ring. The result of all of these factors combined could ultimately see the rise of the boxing industry, once again. Some believe that all of these movements are going to breathe life into the world of boxing, helping it to become more and more engaging with younger viewers.

Boxing was once a sport that was catered to the older generation, but it would seem that in this day and age things are changing rapidly. Now more and more younger people are engaging with it, and a lot of this comes down to YouTube stars taking their share of the market.

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