Why do boxers play in online casinos?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of great gamblers among boxers. For example, Floyd Mayweather is very passionate about casino games and betting. He often places wagers on his favorite teams, which actually brings him big money. Emmanuel Pacquiao also rolls a dice at traditional and online casinos every now and then to unwind after work. T

oday, nobody is surprised to hear that boxers love gambling. Some of them even participate in casino advertising campaigns. But the question is “What attracts sportsmen in gambling so much?” Let’s try to find out!

1. Financial reward

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Money won is twice as sweet as money earned’? Actually, the feeling that arises when one makes money without doing any real work is one of the main reasons for gambling. Most people love the idea of getting financial reward at best paying online casinos while having fun. This kind of income brings a lot more positive emotions. Boxers’ work is extremely hard, so no wonder why they seek out easy and enjoyable ways of earning money. However, anybody would like to win a jackpot while being entertained.

2. Social status

If you analyze different advertising campaigns, you will notice that casinos are often depicted as glamorous places crowded with rich people. In today’s media and cinematography, gambling is represented as something prestigious. It attracts successful individuals with high social status. Some of us believe that playing roulette can make us wealthy and acknowledged, similarly to other people attending casinos. So the desire to belong to the upper class may be a powerful driver for gambling. However, can such a goal be reached so easily? Think about it!

3. Thrilling moments

People generally like risky activities. Rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, and even roller coasters excite many of us. In its essence gambling is something similar to the things mentioned above. Playing casino games creates a situation where you can win or lose everything. Isn’t it thrilling? Just a thought about interacting with big sums of money makes our bodies release adrenaline. As any athlete, boxers are more inclined to engage in risky activities than people who don't do any sport. Hence, they enjoy fighting in a probability battle. The risk that they take in gambling is the best reward that makes playing at an online casino worth it.

4. Stress reduction

Professional boxing is one of the most stressful occupations that one can imagine. You never know how the fight will end because it’s so unpredictable. This uncertainty and high risk of serious injuries makes both boxers and their fans worry. Accumulated anxiety is very dangerous for mental and physical health. It leads to different diseases that can ruin harmony in life. Therefore, it’s vital for boxers to get rid of stress. Some of them find gambling a perfect way to calm down. Casino games help sportspeople escape from hustles and bustles of their life. They can finally relax and feel relieved, which are some of the major positive effects of playing.

5. Pure enjoyment

Of course, the extent of satisfaction from gambling varies from person to person. However, your brain can’t help but enjoy things like casino games because we are wired to get pleasure from entertainment. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the brain releases endorphins while people are gambling. But most interestingly, the final result doesn’t really matter. So even if you don’t win a jackpot, you are still likely to enjoy the process of playing itself. Boxers probably know about those ‘pleasure chemicals’ and use casinos as a source of joy.

6. Socialization

Although it may sound weird in terms of virtual gambling, online casinos help boxers socialize. How is it possible if players don't even meet in real life? Socialization may happen even remotely, especially in today’s post-pandemic world. While playing, everybody has access to live chat with other users. Hence, it’s possible to find friends there, discuss the latest casino news and feel like a part of the group. Boxers often look for that feeling of being in the company while collectively rooting for a certain outcome. This need is another thing that makes them engage in gambling.


Gambling is one of the most popular leisure activities nowadays. It attracts people of all professions, and boxers are no exception. Generally, they prefer playing at online casinos as it promises them great financial rewards, socialization opportunities and a kind of social status. Thrill, joy and reduced stress are some other motives driving people to play at online casinos. Hopefully, now you understand the psychology of gamblers much better!

Author’s BIO

Jeremy Raynolds is a former professional boxer. After finishing his boxing career, Jeremy started working as a personal fitness coach. He trains famous people and Hollywood stars, helping them to stay in good shape. In his free time, Jeremy plays at virtual casinos and makes extra money on betting.

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