Best Sports Scholarships for Students

Continuing a university career in the United States is the only way to combine sports with higher education. The United States university system is the only system in the world that offers such a large number of athletic scholarships. At times, athletic scholarships can reach as much as $60,000 a year.

The only way to think about getting an athletic scholarship is to be very successful in sports. No matter what it is, you can always find a scholarship for yourself. The main difference between an athletic scholarship and an academic scholarship is that for the latter, you just need to submit an application indicating your interest in obtaining funding for study and living for the period of your studies at the university and to write an essay (sometimes using an essay help). And to qualify for an athletic scholarship, you should actively and successfully participate in the sports life of your educational institution.

Sports Scholarships in the USA

There are approximately 200 athletic scholarships on the market each year to recruit student-athletes. These grants can be full or partial scholarships.

They are awarded to student-athletes who are members of one of the university's athletic teams. Scholarships are usually different for each student-athlete and cover a certain percentage of university expenses and even all expenses in some cases.

Expenses covered by scholarships include tuition, fees, books, accommodations, meals, and health insurance.

In addition, all student-athletes receive the following at no cost: practices and competitions, athletic equipment, trips with the team, academic tutoring, athletic, medical assistance, and coaches. If a student-athlete receives a full scholarship, all expenses mentioned above will be covered. For partial scholarships, a percentage of the total expenses mentioned above will be covered. University coaches provide athletic scholarships, and they determine the percentage of the scholarship the student-athlete will receive.

How to get a sports scholarship?

More than a thousand US colleges and universities offer talented students the opportunity to play for a college team as a means of paying for their education.

The key to success in your athletic scholarship search is to research your options and find the right opportunities carefully. Some things to consider when beginning your search:

● Start preparing in advance. The application process is competitive and requires careful planning. Start your research about 18 to 24 months before the date you plan to attend a university in the United States;

● Look up your country in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) International Standards for Student-Athletes;

● See the list of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sports to find the exact universities in the United States that offer scholarships for the sport you are interested in.

A list of the following athletic associations offering athletic scholarships and grants:

● National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)

● National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)

● beRecruited

● Athletic Scholarships

You might also consider compiling an athletic CV that includes your athletic accomplishments and recording a video of your workouts. Start thinking about letters of recommendation from your coaches and other mentors to help them express their opinion of your potential for success and athletic scholarship.

Things to do to get a sports scholarship?

Create a profile on one of the athletic association websites to maximize your opportunities for college admission and athletic scholarships so that you can be seen by as many athletic representatives from the various universities as possible. Usually, that's all a student can do at this point. Then it's up to the coaches, who look at specific databases on these websites to find talented athletes.

Here are some tips for increasing your chances:

1. Having an online profile on one of the association's websites is the best way to get in touch with college coaches and let them know about you. College coaches from NCAA Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 schools look for talented athletes and award athletic scholarships every day;

2. Don't be afraid to contact college coaches. When you do, be sure to ask questions and show the coach that you are really interested in their athletic program. No coach will respond to a message that says, "Hey coach, you have to believe in me."

3. Work on your athletic performance, but also keep your grades in mind.

Bad grades will limit the number of universities that can accept you as a student.

Top 10 Sports Scholarships in the United States

1. The Notre Dame Football Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards given to players in American soccer. The financial aid fully covers candidates' academic expenses;

2. Kentucky Basketball Scholarship. John Calipari, one of the NCAA's top head coaches, works here. Only 13 scholarships are available to student-athletes;

3. The Wake Forest Men's Soccer Scholarship is one of the best soccer programs in the country;

4. The State Hockey Scholarship offers one of the premier hockey schools in the country;

5. Alabama Football Scholarship. Working with legendary coach Nick Saban helps turn students into professional soccer players;

6. Stanford University Volleyball Scholarship is financial aid for women volleyball players;

7. Duke Men's Basketball Scholarship is the top basketball program;

8. University of Connecticut Girls Basketball Scholarship supports women's basketball team;

9. The Louisiana State University Baseball Scholarship is an aid to young people pursuing a career in baseball;

10. University of Florida Softball Scholarship

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