Top 3 upcoming celebrity boxing matches and who we think you should bet on

Celebrity Boxing has risen in its popularity over the past years. This relatively new trend is being continuously fueled with support by numerous fans that want to see their favourite celebrity in a boxing ring. This is especially true for the YouTube influencers who decided to try themselves in this particular field. Celebrity Boxing is an entertaining and long-awaited event that always spurs a lot of publicity around it. In 2021 the following awaited matches are:

1. Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley August 22, 2021

2. KSI v Austin McBroom TBC

3. Anderson Silva v Logan Paul TBC.

However, it is important to note that not all of them have confirmed dates.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley-Date: August 22

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is the first boxing match to take place this year. Jake, a YouTube star also boxes. He fought three matches to date. His record is 3-0. Jake Paul has a 58.2% chance of winning the fight.

Tyron Woodley, his opponent, has more experience in the ring. Tyron is a mixed martial artist and a former Welterweight Champion. Tyron's record is 19-7. According to polls, his chances of winning this bout are at 50%.

On Jake Paul's YouTube page the fight is now on August 29th and tickets are on sale. You can see this at Platincasino whose URL link is:

KSI and Austin McBroom-Date: TBC

KSI- real name- Olajide Olayinka Williams"JJ" Olatunji is on the schedule for a fight against Austin McBroom.He is a YouTube star, music artist and boxer. Although his boxing record is only 1-0 he is more than ready to step into the ring.

Austin McKinley McBroom, known for his YouTube Channel show the ACE Family which stars his family, has a record of 1-0. There is rampant speculation about who will win this match. Upon posting of this article no set date for this fight is available.

Anderson Silva vs Logan Paul-Date: TBC

Logan Paul, a YouTube star has also thrown his hat into the ring for boxing. Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather, and it was apparently one of the worst fights in history. His record is 0-1 in the boxing arena. This however does not stop him from scheduling another fight with Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva is a martial arts fighter as well as a professional boxer. His boxing record is 2-1. He is by far the one believed to win this fight. As of the writing of this article, there is still no definite date for this fight.

In conclusion, most who participate in this are famous in their particular businesses. The fights may be worth the price you pay if you are a true fan but for those who are just passing through you may want to be aware that some fights are truly going to be over at the beginning.

But do not be discouraged from watching, these events promise to be truly entertaining if not for the actual fight, but the antics surrounding of the before and after. Make it a night out or in with your friends and Enjoy!

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