The Best Recent Women's Boxing Fights

For centuries, boxing has been considered to be a sport for males exclusively. In the sports regime, this question always arises: is there professional female boxing? Luckily, since the 2012 London Olympics, more and more women have been participating in boxing fights and choosing it as a profession.

Boxing looks like a brutal sport for many women. Still, this sport seduces more and more women every year. It is an excellent way to break out of their day-to-day routine, let off steam, and release the stress that all women face.

Women's boxing is an increasingly popular discipline with many individuals every year. Although it lacks recognition and gets little media coverage, it tries to find a position in combat sports’ tightly-knit, masculine world.

Recently, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (23 July 2021 - 8 August 2021) was considered the best event for Women Boxing Fights. It was the most Gender Equal Olympic Competition ever, with two extra women’s weight categories in Boxing.

In this article, you will get a summative analysis of the best o women’s boxing fights, their winners, runner-ups, and rising talent that arose after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Women’s Boxing Fights.

Who are the best female boxers right now?

1. Stoyka Krasteva

Stoyka Krasteva is one of the best female boxers in the world and was born in Dobrich, a town in northeastern Bulgaria.

2. Sena Irie

Sena Irie is an amateur boxer from Japan and is one of the best female boxers.

3. Kellie Anne Harrington

The Irish amateur boxer Kellie Anne Harrington is also the best female boxer.

4. Busenaz Sürmeneli

Busenaz Sürmeneli is a world champion and Turkish Olympic boxer.

5. Lauren Price

Lauren Price is a Welsh amateur boxer as well as a former kickboxer and football player.

Best Olympic Women's Boxing Fights

With Tokyo 2020, women's athletes in the Olympic history have been most represented, with the participation percentage of women rising from 45.6% in Rio in 2016 to 48.8% in 2020.

At Tokyo 2020, women competed for gold in five weight divisions, from fly (51kg) to middle (75kg). Categories were:

● Fly (48-51kg)

● Feather (54-57kg)

● Light (57-60kg)

● Welter (64-69kg)

● Middle (69-75kg)

1. Final of Flyweight Category

Stoyka Krasteva becomes the first Bulgarian women's boxing champion in the flyweight category after defeating Buse Naz Cakiroglu of Turkey in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The 35-year-old Krasteva was ahead on the scorecards in round one. Again, she was adjudged to have the better in the second round, allowing her opponent to come out to save her chances of gold in the third and final round.

2. The FIght between Irie Sena and Nesthy Petecio

Japan's Irie Sena defeated Phillipine's Nesthy Petecio by 3-2 in the final match of the featherweight category. In Japanese featherweight boxing, Sena Irie beat Philippine's reigning world champion Nesthy Petecio, who has delivered the host nation's first gold ever in Olympic women's boxing. Irie and Petecio were close throughout the fight, with two vigorous rounds to begin the contest with a judge having 20-18 host nation boxers and the remaining four cards, 19-19. Irie's little flurries from both opponents signed the deal for all five judges in the third and officially gave her a 5:0 result in a frankly raging third round.

3. Final of Lightweight Category

Kellie Anne Harrington of Ireland has beaten Beatriz Ferreira in the lightweight division to win the gold medal by 5-0. She won by a unanimous decision to become the second Irish women boxer to be won an Olympic Medal in London in 2012 after Katie Taylor's Gold.

4. The fight between Lauren Price and Li Qian

Lauren Price, from Great Britain, has won a boxing gold medal against Li Qian in China with a score of 5-0. The 27-year-old from Wales could use her superior lateral movement to confound Li and control the tempo at will to win unanimously.

5. Final of Welterweight Category

Busenaz Surmeneli of Turkey won the women's welterweight gold medal in Tokyo and earned Turkey's first-ever boxing gold in the tough final against China's Gu Hong. Gu won the first round on four cards, but her tactics got a warning from the referee late in the round, which encouraged Surmeneli to attack. In the final match, Busenaz Surmeneli defeated Gu Hong by 3-0 and won the gold medal.

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Who are the women's boxing champions?

Sena Irie of Japan became the first featherweight gold medallist of the Olympic Games. In the women’s middleweight final, the British Lauren Price won gold in boxing, defeating China's Li Qian at the Tokyo Olympics. Another history was made by Busenaz Surmeneli of Turkey, who defeated Gu Hong of China to become the first female welterweight gold medalist. In the lightweight division, Kellie Anne Harrington from Ireland won an emotional win against Brazilian Beatriz Ferreira. Perhaps the most dominating female athlete at the Tokyo Games in the overall rankings was the Bulgarian Stoyka Zhelyazkova Krasteva, who won the semi-final and final round unanimously to win a gold medal.

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