U.S. offers $5 million for information leading to arrest of alleged crime lord Daniel Kinahan

The United States government is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information that could lead to the financial disruption, arrest, or conviction of Daniel Kinahan— founder of MTK Global and an alleged organized crime boss.

The news was announced Tuesday at press conference in Dublin shortly after sanctions were handed down from the U.S. Treasury Department.

It is now illegal for U.S. banks, companies, or financial institutions to do business with Kinahan, which could deal a heavy blow to his boxing company. The organization reportedly advises a triad of unbeaten world champions, including WBC heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury, welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford, and undisputed 136-pound beltholder Josh Taylor.

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), the Kinahan Cartel has been responsible for importing drugs and firearms around the world, which has resulted in over a dozen gangland deaths.

Furthermore, the U.S. Treasury describes the Kinahan Cartel as one of the most dangerous in the world, comparable to crime organizations like Italy's Camorra, Japan's Yakuza, and Mexico's Los Zetas.

A statement from the US Treasury on Monday said Kinahan "sources large quantities of cocaine from South America" to distribute in Ireland.

Moreover, they also claimed Kinahan, a 44-year-old Irishman who fleed Spain for Dubai in 2017, runs the day-to-day operations of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG).

"Irish courts have concluded that the KOCG is a murderous organization involved in the international trafficking of drugs and firearms," the official report said.

The document added that criminal activities of the KOCS include "international money laundering."

The US ambassador to Ireland Claire Cronin accused KOCG leaders of "a wide range of heinous crimes around the world, including murder, and drug/weapons trafficking.

She said KOCG leaders have been accused of "a wide range of heinous crimes all around the world including murder, trafficking, firearms, and narcotics.

"Countering transnational organized crime is an urgent priority for President [Joe] Biden and the US government," she added. "Transnational organized crime is a multi-billion dollar business that transcends geographical boundaries and threatens global stability and democracies. Every year millions of lives are affected.

"And so today, the United States Department of State is pleased to announce a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the financial disruption" of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group and "for the arrest and convictions of its leaders."

Speaking about the sanctions, Garda (Irish police) Commissioner Drew Harris said this was just the "first phase" in the efforts to end the Kinahan Cartel.

He said the enforcement measures would deal a "heavy blow if not a crippling blow" to the gang, which has been responsible for trafficking drugs and firearms around the world for two decades.

"It is a demonstration of the strength of resolve amongst all of us to put an end to a gang that has caused so much destruction and death here and abroad," Commissioner Harris said.

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