Business Etiquette Examples

Business Etiquette is codes that govern work behavior in and out of the office. This is the manner that which one is expected to behave while in the office. As we all know that communication is both said and unsaid there are some codes of conduct that may not be necessarily written down but are expected from people in business just like in the world of casino français games. That is why business etiquette is very important. That being said, we shall be giving you a few business Etiquette examples in this article.


When you meet up with people in and out of the office, it is very important that you introduce them to each other. This is Jess you are sure that they have met before. By introducing someone you show them respect and it makes them feel valued.


Some things may go out of fashion, but not the standard handshake. It may look like a small gesture, but it carries a lot of weight with it. A handshake shows that you are polite and confident. It also sets the tone for a future professional relationship.

Saying Please and Thank You

Two very simple words that mean a lot in the online casino games business world. This is a form of common courtesy and should not be taken for granted.

Don't Interrupt

Many times we tend to be over talkers and we always want to interject when something is said. We feel that we always want to be heard and that is we interrupt. However, in the world of business and business etiquette, it is vital that you listen and speak only when spoken to.

Double-check emails

We should always bear in mind that emails are a very formal means of communication. That is why it is imperative that before you hit send, you double-check your email.

Put away Phones during meetings

We all love our smartphones, but at times we love them a bit too much. That being said, during a business meeting always make sure that your phone’s ringtone is at its lowest volume.

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