Canelo Alvarez Says Dmitry Bivol Rematch Will Be At 175

Canelo Alvarez stated that “if” he fights Dmitry Bivol again, it will be at 175 because he wants to avoid any possible excuses. The backlash Canelo will get for using his A-side fame to force a rematch with Bivol at 168 should be enough to stop him from going in the direction of a hypothetical rematch. Boxing fans will relentlessly criticize Canelo if he brings Bivol down to 168 in the second fight. He was smart enough to discern that this would be the wrong move.

The move does not only reduce Canelo’s chances of winning. Moreover, it will be more traumatic if he has to listen to the criticism he gets from boxing fans before and after the rematch. Boxing wagering fans will also be following the developments closely. If you are new to boxing wagering, take a look at TheScore promo code to make your wagering more enjoyable. Meanwhile, for a boxer to compete with an athlete of Bivol’s ilk, they must be disciplined, in excellent condition, have a high IQ, and participate fully in the sport.

Suppose Canelo opts out of the rematch with Bivol; fans can understand his situation. At this point in his career, he is aware of his mental and physical capacity. For instance, if Canelo is not convinced he can beat Bivol, it will not be sensible for him to fight the talented 175-pound champion a second time and face embarrassment again.

It is still too early to determine whether the rematch between Canelo and Bivol will happen. This uncertainty is because both could lose their fights in the interim this year, rendering a second bout impossible. For instance, Canelo has a challenging trio clash with Gennadiy Golovkin, which will take place on September 17. He must win this fight, but he has a high chance of losing.

Bivol’s Blueprint

Golovkin is a witty fighter, and his trainer Johnathon Banks will ensure he follows Bivol’s blueprints to the letter against Canelo. GGG will be keen to pick essential tips from Canelo’s battle against Bivol on how to overcome him.

Bivol used a combination of five strategies to overcome Canelo that GGG can use. They include:

● Throw a combination of up to seven punches nonstop.

● Move

● Good cover

● Attack

● Don’t allow Canelo to steal the ring using eye-catching shots by attacking him incessantly after he lands a hard shot.

If I fight Bivol Again!

Canelo is unsure whether his rematch with WBA lightweight champion Bivol will happen. That is why he used “if” when referring to the rematch. Canelo has a 57-2-2 and 39 KOs record, while Bivol’s is 20-0 and 11 KOs. Nonetheless, there is a 100% chance that Canelo will come up against a talented and highly disciplined fighter again.

On the other hand, suppose Bivol loses to Joshua Buatsi or whoever he comes up against in his next fight, Canelo will probably opt for a rematch next year.

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