Boxing shows in palaces, the new trend?

Courage, Humility and Respect: the values of combat sports reflect an inspiring and meaningful philosophy. A way of life that encourages the surpassing of oneself and perseverance, whatever the challenges to be met.

Combat sports offer superb shows, combining aesthetics and ethics and it is to give them their rightful nobility that Prestige Fight organises prestigious international sports galas. These exceptional dinners, which take place in a dream setting, are broadcast live on television in over 30 countries. Having become a key player in the promotion of Muay Thai, Prestige Fight wishes to give a new impulse to boxing.

Shows that put stars in the eyes

The boxing fights organised by Prestige Fight offer a new formula in the world of boxing: the strong sensations provided by the show that takes place in the ring are sublimated by the animations and the sumptuous setting. Spectators enjoy an opening cocktail, a gourmet dinner while watching the fights and the opportunity to party after the show. This concept has been a great success and is appreciated by all participants (spectators and athletes). Even if the organiser wants to turn the fights into exceptional events, the desire to make these shows accessible to everyone is reflected in the live television broadcast and replays. Accessible... but from home... Indeed, the price of a table at such a boxing gala is not within the reach of everyone, unlike classic fights. On 7 June, a party was organised and it was a great success, the public was there but will the trend last?

The atmosphere and aesthetics of these boxing matches are a counterpoint to influencer boxing, which is sometimes criticised for being raunchy and glitzy.

However, influencer boxing was originally welcomed as it brought a breath of fresh air to boxing... presumably in a few years boxing galas will be accused of causing elitism in the boxing world. In the meantime, just enjoy the show.

Results of the gala at the Westin Paris Vendôme Hotel

On 7 June, a gala was held with 5 fights scheduled: a meeting with technical fights and real stakes. In the main event, Frenchman Brandon Deslaurier and Belgian Yves Ngabu fought for the WBO Global Cruiserweight Championship belt. Unfortunately. The match ended in a No-Contest after an illegal move by the Frenchman. In the co-main event, Chilean fighter Daniela Asenjo (12-3-3) became IBO Super Flyweights champion with a unanimous decision victory over American Casey Morton (10-3-3). Visit sports betting news, boxing category, to make sure you don't miss any of the latest boxing results. If you want to bet on the outcome of these fights, you will also find useful information.

Fight results:

WBO Global CW Championship

Brandon Deslaurier vs Yves Lgabu - No-Contest

● IBO Championship - SFW

Daniela Asenjo defeats Morton Casey by unanimous decision

● IBO Mediteranean SWW Championship

Bakary Samake defeats Robin Zamora by TKO in round 5 (retired at the 5th round call)

● Superfights :

Mohamed Suleiman Kartoum defeats Anderson Rangel by decision

Moughit El Moutaouakil vs Houcine Moulahi - Tie

The next galas not to be missed

From 2023 onwards, there will be even more international galas. Exceptional shows will be held in Luxembourg, Saint-Martin, Thailand, the Philippines, Morocco (Marrakech), the Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia and Spain (Barcelona).

Who is behind the boxing galas?

Djamel Yacouben is a former professional boxer, former kickboxing champion, and a former USKBA world champion in 2001. He is the current official representative of the WFKB (Muay Thai, Japanese Kickboxing, KI). Proud initiator of the first edition of the English boxing gala, he wishes to demonstrate that this discipline is not about futile violence and excess aggressiveness. On the contrary, behind the hooks, kicks and uppercuts lies an absolute mastery of one's body and movements that could almost seem choreographed.

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