4 Reasons Why Boxers Jump Rope!

Boxers love to jump rope, and some are so good that they can perform fancy tricks! Read our article to find out why this exercise is so popular among boxers!

Why Do Boxers Jump Rope?

Jump rope is one of the most popular exercises performed by boxers. They often warm up and cool down with this simple yet tricky exercise. Boxers like Canelo (bet on all Canelo fights at GGBET) can even perform fancy tricks. Let’s look at the main reasons why boxers jump rope

1. Great For Cardio

Boxing is a very cardio-intensive sport. Being able to glide around the ring, hop in and out of range, slip and exchange punches for 12 rounds is exhausting. Skipping is a great way for boxers in shape as it allows them to elevate their heart rate and practice maintaining it.

2. Awesome For Cutting Weight

Boxers compete in weight classes. If they miss weight, they can be fined, not eligible to win titles, and if they are super heavy, even be prohibited from fighting. Due to this boxers need to cut weight which involves sweating and dehydrating the body. Jumping rope, particularly in a sauna suit, is an easy way for boxers to quickly lose a few pounds.

3. Improves Footspeed

Footspeed is incredibly important in boxing. Fighters need to quickly step into range to punch and then quickly step out of range before their opponent can punch them back. Fighters also need quick feet to chase down opponents who are running away. Skipping is highly effective at developing footspeed due to the constant quick jumps.

4. Builds Strong Legs

Despite what some people think a boxer’s power comes from their legs rather than their arms. Boxers need to have a strong lower body to not only punch hard but also to move explosively around the ring. Grab a jump rope and do some rounds. We guarantee your legs will be burning!

So there you have it, boxers jump rope to develop their legs, improve their footwork and boost their cardio. It also helps them keep their weight down!

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