Samir Simpson signs with Rick Ross

Staying true to his word to give fighters a second chance, boxing adviser Freeway Rick Ross has signed St Louis native, Samir Simpson Bey (7-1-1, 7 KOs). Simpson, a 35-year-old prospect, scored a first-round knockout in his last bout, a fight that took place in his hometown on June 11.

“Everyone deserves a second chance on life, and I’m going to do my best to help this man get back on his feet,” said Freeway Rick Ross. “If there is one thing I’ve learned being incarcerated myself, is that there is always hope to become a better person in society. Samir is a hard worker and that can take a man a long way.”

Simpson Bey, who was incarcerated for the past few years, had his career derailed when he committed a felony back in 2015. Reflecting on his youthful mistakes, Simpson feels he must fulfill his dream of becoming a contender in boxing.

“I made some mistakes in my past that I’m not proud of, but I feel God give everyone a second chance,” stated Simpson Bey. “There has been a lot of boxers who did time and camp back to carry on with their careers. Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins are a few names that come to mind. Freeway Rick Ross knows the struggle I’m going through and he’s going to help me get some fights. I just want to fight and see where this journey takes me.”

"We had Simpson Bey on our last show at the Ambassador Club here in St. Louis last month and he scored a sensational knockout," said David Belcher who helped put the event together with Showout Boxing and DC3 Promotions. "I commend Freeway Rick Ross for giving Bey another chance to rejuvenate his career. It says a lot about Ross' character."

In regard to Simpson Bey's talent, Ross feels he can compete against anyone in the lightweight division.

“Samir has some talent and I think he can win some fights at the next level,” continued Freeway. “I saw him fight last month and the man can punch. I’m working on getting him back in the ring, hopefully on the next card in his hometown of St. Louis.”

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