Arijan Goricki vs. Luis Millan on December 17 for secondary championship

Arijan "Archie" Goricki returns against Luis "El Bebe" Millan at the Bilankusa Arena in Solin, Croatia on December 17, live on Arena Sport Fight. The IBO International featherweight title will be at stake.

‘Archie’ (13-1-1, 6 KOs) coming off a unanimous point win against Georgian Giorgi Gachechiladze at Hermann-Hepper-Halle, Tuebingen, Germany in October.

Goricki, 25, is set to fight at the Bilankusa Arena for the first time in his career as he looks to kickstart his journey with his first title bout.

Millan (21-5, 15 KOs) is an experienced boxer, with 26 fights. He has some power, as his record shows, in 21 victories, 15 of them did not reach the final bell. Like all boxers from South America, Millan has the heart and will to win.

"On the same date, I was supposed to fight for the European title, but unfortunately we had to move the fight to next year. We sent over 15 generous offers, all the opponents we offered to fight refused, and some hesitated. And in the end we just took our time. Millan, as a last option, immediately accepted the fight." said Goricki. "I can't wait to get into the ring and show the world what I'm made of."

"Although the preparations are not finished yet, I think that this is one of the better ones and that on Saturday, December 17, I will show my full potential and show who I am. People think I'm good, but now it's time to show how good I really am and show that I'm ready for the titles and world ranking. After this fight, we would enter the top 15 according to the IBO federation."

This is one of the biggest professional events in Croatia. There will be 9 more fights, one of them involving Luka Plantic, who will fight for the WBC international silver belt against experienced veteran Khoren Gevor in the main fight of the evening.

“I would like to thank my team for preparing me well for this fight, I am ready for everything that Millan can offer and look impressive in the fight. I know that technically I am much superior to him, so I will not rush into unnecessary exchanges," said Goricki.

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