Logan Paul returns to boxing since his first fight with Mayweather

Logan Paul is known mostly for his controversial YouTube career. The 27-year-old American started changing career paths a few years ago when he got into boxing in 2018. After a few fights with KSI, Deji Olatunji and other figures, he competed against his brother, with whom he had many box matches. However, it has been found that boxing was a tradition in the Paul family, as both their father and uncles have been professionally boxed at some point. The Paul brothers also had entertaining performances and became skillful despite being relatively new to the industry.

After the exciting match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, the YouTuber decided to take a break and dig into the crypto sector. He created CryptoZoo, an NFT-based game that he promoted as a fun game that makes you money. People could buy Bitcoin with debit cards and invest in his project, which eventually failed, facing now multiple lawsuits since the game doesn’t actually exist.

Now, after another unsuccessful project, Logan Paul has announced his return to professional boxing. Let’s see who will be his first opponent and if the YouTuber’s career progress will mean something in the boxing industry.

What happened to Logan Paul’s boxing career?

Despite becoming famous in the boxing sector for its outrageous matches, the American star found notoriety after fighting Floyd Mayweather, a 46-year-old American boxer who represented the state in the Featherweight Olympic Games in 1996 and has got a medal record in Men’s amateur boxing.

In 2021, the postponed match between the two boxing figures took place in Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium. Their fight was quite interesting, as Mayweather was mainly defensive at the beginning of the match while avoiding Paul’s fists. Even at the end of the first round, Paul was still fighting, and his opponent successfully blocked his attacks. Mayweather unleashed his true power only in the third round and rocked Paul’s head pretty hard. While Paul became more fatigued, Mayweather was constantly throwing punches, reaching 43 of 107 thrown, compared to

Paul’s less successful 28 landed out of 217 thrown. Ultimately, Paul stated that Mayweather might have let him survive as he realized he could not win. Mayweather did not return to boxing after the match.

Why did Logan Paul take a break?

Although some say that YouTube fell from grace and got humiliated in the match with Mayweather, the main reason he pressed pause is a knee injury that he got in a WWE fight with Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia. Given his condition, he was defeated, and Paul later stated that he had multiple knee ligaments torn, which would put him in place for around a year.

The YouTuber was affected by his poor health performance, as it seems like he’s getting injured almost every year and requires hospitalization and rehabilitation. This, of course, affected his planned match with KSI and other future ones with Andrew Tate and Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor’s teammate. Paul had some beef with Andrew Tate especially, which he planned on fighting in a cage in the UFC to “give him options”.

When will Logan Paul return to boxing?

This year, Logan Paul announced his return to the boxing industry in his podcast with Dave Portnoy, that he’s already got an opponent, and the fight is set up to happen soon. Although they originally bleeped the name of Paul’s opponent, after a few speculations and tweets, it has been revealed that Darren Till might be targeted. Also known as the Gorilla, Darren Till has multiple records in mixed martial arts in UFC and Muay Thai.

Is Logan Paul a good wrestler?

According to his fighting history, we wouldn’t say that Logan Paul is an extraordinary puncher. In three of his official fights, he had zero wins, one loss and two draws. However, his strength and body weight may have helped him throw some big punches, and even Mayweather discredited his strength and abilities.

With a draw against Mayweather and both a draw and a loss to KSI, Logan Paul doesn’t seem to have a promising future in WWE. On the other hand, his brother, Jake Paul, revealed that he is making his professional MMA debut in the PFL this year. Until now, Jake has had seven fights, out of which six were wins and one a loss.

On Logan Paul’s boxing attitude

Despite his humble beginnings and YouTube career, Logan Paul has always considered himself the greatest fighter. In a recent interview, he said he’s “hungry to get back in the ring” as he’s continuously training for future WWE events.

In his first boxing years, Logan Paul claimed he’d become a world champion in five years, while his trainer, Shannon Briggs, encouraged this vision. He used to train for four hours a day, six days per week, and the regime installed was the strictest. Logan would wake up at 9 AM and box until 11:30 AM. He would eat a hoard of fresh foods in the morning, which he later claimed was ineffective for fitness and power. At the same time, the boxer would take an ice bath daily and also spend time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for better recovery. Then, until 6:30 PM, Paul would do strength and conditioning training and spend around one or two hours at this stage.

Finally, he always ensured to get eight hours of sleep to regain strength overnight and heal fully.

He added footage of him taking a serious beating to prove his abilities and limitations in his documentary. But regardless of his intensive training and wild fights, we have yet to see what Logan Paul has to show to the stage and his fans in the upcoming battles.

What do you think about Logan Paul as a fighter?

Logan Paul is mainly known for his YouTube career, but the WWE involvement propelled him into the mainstream lately. The match with Mayweather especially caught the public’s attention, and after a year of recovery due to a knee injury, he will be back on stage with his opponent.

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