Upcoming Boxing Fight

Upcoming Bout Between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk

The much-anticipated fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk will be held in Saudi Arabia on 23rd December 2023. You can find more about the bout on ggbet.zone/en.

A revelatory moment was experienced by the odd three of Joshua, his aunt, and TV host Louis Theroux in a recent BBC documentary. Joshua's aunt predicted that her nephew would win the heavyweight belt a third time during a brief intimacy between strangers—the intimate moments that Theroux has dedicated his career to constructing.

What You Need to Know About Anthony Joshua

With half-heartedness, Joshua repeated what she had said, his eyes glazing over and thoughts drifting off. It was difficult to conceive that anyone had ever been so under pressure or doubted themselves so deeply.

The psychological toll of Joshua's trip has overshadowed the physical, and the fact that he is engaging in these PR stunts speaks volumes about the challenging second phase of his career. You don't need a degree in sports psychology to recognize this.

Conversations about Joshua are now more solemn, followed by a wince, a rueful shrug, and the inevitable statement: "He's not been the same since." Joshua was once the poster child of British sport, with fame envied even inside the gilded elite of the Premier League.

The 34-year-old finds this narrative annoying, and he plans to end it in Riyadh when he takes on Wallin, a dangerous Swede who is a highly credible but carefully chosen opponent to win the world title.

correctly and that a convincing win will revive a career that has been severely damaged by losses to Oleksandr Usyk and Andy Ruiz and further tarnished by a belief that it is impossible to recover from them.

The question facing Joshua now is whether he is irreparably broken, a spent force, or if this is all a part of a complex redemption story that only boxing can provide. After being knocked out by Oliver McCall, Lennox Lewis remade himself in the contemporary era with the assistance of the late great Emanuel Steward.

After Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster mercilessly revealed the Ukrainian's shortcomings, Steward pulled the same ruse with Wladimir Klitschko. Steward tried to create looks for Lewis and Klitschko to highlight their positive attributes while hiding weaknesses. That made for some dull evenings with Klitschko.

Aside from Joe Louis, it was also the second-longest heavyweight title reign in history. Rather than hiding his flaws, though, Joshua has chosen to examine them closely to pinpoint and improve them, hoping to develop into a more proficient, well-rounded, and technically sound fighter.

Although it's a commendable strategy, it hasn't produced many performances that are compelling thus far. It is also a high expectation for an experienced champion who only participates in two or three fights annually, has a modest amateur background (despite winning an Olympic gold medal), and began boxing only in his mid-teens.

Compare that to his opponent Usyk, whose skill and footwork Joshua envies but which he developed during his early years via hundreds of top amateur fights and which he took into a successful professional career.Joshua has also fluctuated between training groups and techniques due to this strategy; in as many fights, he has had four head trainers, and he has tried out for almost every notable mentor in the sport. This weekend, he will collaborate for the first time with fellow countryman Ben Davison.

Joshua may have lost sight of his extraordinary gifts that once set him apart from the competition and frequently distracted them from their senses as he became overly fixated on his shortcomings. It seemed like a while ago when we witnessed the amazing display of Joshua unleashing those lethal mid-range combos that gave him 20 knockout wins in his first 20 fights.

The uncomplicated Joshua assumed the middle ring and reasoned that he could not coexist with any heavyweight in the division for long. We haven't seen that signature uppercut in a while.


Knowing what to expect from Anthony Joshua gives you all the reasons to book a place in the arena to witness the event of a lifetime. One thing to be sure of is that it will not disappoint. See you there on 23rd December 2023 for the bout.

When Joshua and the Ukrainian rematch in Jeddah in August 2022, Joshua's skill set was simply too much for him to handle; even with all his preparation, technical improvements, and a stronger showing on fight night, his frustration with that reality contributed to his post-fight breakdown.

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