Zab Judah "I agreed to fight Paulie, he declined the fight"

Former world champion Zab Judah took to twitter today to explain why a fight with him and, another former world champion, Paulie Malignaggi, may not happen.

"Just for the record, I already agreed to fight Paulie but Paulie declined fighting me." Judah said. "I wanna give the fans the best of matter who it is! It's not bout the money its about giving the fans good fights, money will come."

It was rumored last week that Paulie turned down the fight due to a disagreement on the financial terms of the contract. This doesn't mean the fight it totally off. Malignaggi could be holding out for a better offer but with two fighter's coming off loses and getting up their in age, it is a question as to how much Golden Boy would be willing to dish out. It's likely the fight will not be its own main event, and will have to co-main event a bigger fight, like Alexander vs Khan, where alot of money would have to be spent. 

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