Mosley and Malignaggi exchange words

Former world champions and widely recognized boxers, and also future Hall of Famers, Shane Mosley and Paulie Malignaggi exchanged words today on Twitter in regards to a rumor floating around the Paulie was waiting on Shane Mosley to sign a contract to fight him, which was totally fabricated. But it didn't stop Shane and Paulie from having some fun on Twitter.

"That would be a huge no. Run Paulie run. Would be a boring fight. If I comeback you get a show." Mosley tweeted in response to the rumor.

"Shane just scared he don't have the legs left at his age to handle movement in an opponent lol." Malignaggi fired back. "So if the gets done and I beat Shane easy is it cause he was old. Cause he's old now and everyone seems to back him winning."

"Numero Uno, you are not beating me Paulie. I could go in there in a walker and knock the gel out your hair." Mosley responded.

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