Freitas-Oliveira Rematch Cancelled

An August 15 rematch in Brazil between former two-division titleholder Acelino “Popo” Freitas (39-2, 33 KOs) and the “Brazilian Rocky” Michael Oliveira (20-2, 15 KOs) was cancelled by Freitas citing a dispute concerning the fight’s television deal. Freitas came out of a five-year retirement to KO Oliveira in 2012, now on August 15, the 39-year-old “Popo” says he will fight another opponent. Freitas says he is currently considering three potential foes and will make an announcement shortly.

Oliveira lashed out in response in Instagram. “Popo I am very disappointed because I received the news from your lawyer saying that our fights August 15 in Santos was canceled on your behalf. I was ready to give you a very competitive fight and maybe even beating you this time. I believe that the reason of your withdraw was if you [fight] with the piece of sh– Argentinian for sure you would win. The company that promotes me had agreed upon donating $25,000 equivalent more or less 75,000 Brazilian currency towards the production of your event. Your lawyer or yourself didn’t live up to our previous agreement and wanted to investigate my contract with sportsTV which is none of your concern or anyone else’s as a matter of fact. Who is The a–hole now? You spoke out to the Brazilian media that you would fight and you would beat me even for free, what happened? You must be really afraid of me.”

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