The Greatest Boxers of All Time

“Greatest of all time” cannot be used lightly. Particularly in the sport of boxing. Over the years, we have seen lots of great fighters. But selecting the greatest has always been difficult for fans of the sport. So, with much deliberation, we have come with our list of the greatest fighters of all time. We have dissected boxing history to come up with these truly great individuals.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

There is no disputing Mayweather record. He went 50 fights unbeaten during his career – this included his glittering showpiece with Conor McGregor. Known as one of the most accurate punchers and being one of the smartest boxers around. He managed to win eight championships across five different weight divisions. He has seen off former and current world titleholders on his journey to be one of the greatest. His titles include WBC Super Featherweight, WBC Lightweight, WBC Junior Welterweight, IBF Welterweight, WBC Welterweight (2X), WBC Junior Middleweight, WBA Junior Middleweight.

Muhammad Ali

Speaking of “The greatest” … Ali is truly up there with the biggest names in boxing. But his legacy reaches way beyond the boxing ring, and that’s what sets him apart from other boxers. No other fighter can touch him when it comes to cultural impact as well as his fighting ability. He was unique in the ring and fought with a style that other fighters found hard to counter. He won his first fight when he was 22 when he defeated Sonny Liston. He is also remembered for three epic fight against Joe Frazier. That is why he called himself “The Greatest”

Manny Pacquiao

Now for another legend of the sport. Manny Pacquiao is one of the boxings icons. Over his time in the ring, he produced many memorable fights. He beat Ricky Hatton in six minutes, destroyed Oscar De La Hoya and devastated Miguel Cotto as he wrapped up his eight division titles. Although, it didn’t all go his way. He fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2015 and lost the fight. Remembered as the “Fight of the Century.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson started his fighting career with a bang by losing just one of his first 123 fights. At one point, he was seen as being unstoppable and beat off all the biggest names of the time including Jake La Motta, Gene Fullmer, Carl “Bobo” Olson, Henry Armstrong and a list of other big names. While doing all this, he became the first boxer to win the Middleweight title five times – despite not dominating the division. He won three of the Middleweight titles after he had retired for two and a half years.

These are some of the biggest names in boxing that we think have had the biggest influence on boxing. Legends of the sport past and present, their records speak for themselves. So while you get ready for the next big fight, you could explore the collection of games available at Kitty Bingo online and browse the many exciting themes which include slots inspired by different sports.

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