Songs Associated with Boxing

Boxing is most probably one of the most inspiriting sports of all time, this is because of the several boxing legends and stars who have made it from rags to riches. We have seen their pain as well as the challenges that they have had to go through in order for them to be the best. This is why there are countless songs that have been sung in honour of the sport as music is best way to get a message across. That being said, we shall look at some of the best songs that can be associated with boxing and machines à sous en ligne de crazyvegas that would put you in a better mood.

Boxing Songs

AC/DC : Thunderstruck

This song is best known for its use by the late boxing legend Arturo Gatti. Gatti would often use Thunderstruck for his entrance, to add on to that, he was also well known for his nickname Thunder. His nickname came to be not only because of the song but because of the fact that he fought with thunder inside the ring.

Eminem : Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself by Eminem is also another song that is associated with boxing. While the song its self has no direct reference to the sport, but the words in the song talk of struggle. The words also highlight the things that you have to go through in order for you to be able to overcome that struggle. As such, many young boxers have often chosen this song for their ring entrance.

LL Cool J : Mama said Knock You Out

From LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, we are sure that you can obviously see why the song has been associated with boxing. And we are sure that we can find the instrumentals of this song in a few real money online roulette games that have a boxing theme.

The song, as LL Cool J said was created from the lines that his mother told him which were, “come one son, you can knock out all of these guys.” And we are sure that he did just that. Another reason why this is associated with boxing is that boxers still use the same words when they are fighting their opponents.

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