Most Famous Boxers Who Love Gambling

Today, very few people are surprised when they hear a story about a famous athlete who gambles or has a scandal that fills the news the next day. And you have to take into account that many of these athletes live on emotion and adrenaline. This makes the world of sports betting and casinos something natural for them.

Even so, there have been cases of sports bettors who are better known than others, especially in boxing. And coming back again to the conclusion, it is expected that the most potent names in boxing are also part of the gambling industry. That is why we have decided to bring you the five most famous cases of boxers who love to put their money at risk, just like they do in the ring.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr

The most famous case of an eccentric boxer is Floyd Mayweather Jr. The American athlete has an unrivaled reputation in the ring. Still, he is also known for gambling with all the money he has accumulated throughout his career. In fact, before his fight against Connor McGregor, Floyd bet $400,000 that he would win the fight. Not only that, but with other bets that night, he made a profit of up to $800,000.

Mayweather Jr, in fact, doesn't even keep quiet about your eagerness for casino and online gambling, as he openly talks about it on his Facebook and Instagram profile. His main markets are boxing and the NBA, making him a significant bettor in the community.

Mike Tyson

A fan favorite, be it in boxing or pop culture, is the former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson. Although he may have been one of the most aggressive boxers and especially champions in the history of the sport, people worldwide love him for his eccentricities and quirky personality. This has made it no surprise that he also gambles regularly.

His primary interest is sports betting, where of course, boxing overpowers. Among expert bettors, it is known that Tyson bets heavily and that he also likes casino games. This may have influenced his money losses over the past two decades. In all honesty, he never really lacks money.

Evander Holyfield

A sparring partner of Mike Tyson with another long history in gambling is Evander Holyfield. While many people may think the two fighters can't stand each other, the truth is they have quite a few things in common outside of the ring.

Holyfield Evander was not as lucky as the previous two fighters, as much of his money was lost in the three divorces. The fantastic thing is that he managed to recover part of that money thanks to gambling. Boxing is obviously also his favorite market, along with some casino games that he enjoys on more than one occasion.

Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather Jr's nightmare has a name, and it is Manny Pacquiao. The Filipino boxer managed to win both the hearts of the boxing community and the casinos' money. The athlete is known for his gigantic gambling, making many people think that he had an addiction. In fact, the most scandalous in his betting history was a $36,000,000 in a single bet he made during a cockfighting event.

Besides, Manny is already known among the best casinos in the world. He has been spotted in both Macau and Australia, where he wastes no time in table games. He also has a reputation in Las Vegas casinos for playing poker tables. No doubt, Pacquiao is an essential member of the casinos.

Vinny Pazienza

One of the most unfortunate cases has been Vinny Pazienza, as the famous boxer struggled with an addiction that led him to financial ruin. What started in the stock market awakened a beast in him that led him to lose a lot of money to casino games and sports betting.

The boxing champion is known for playing games like poker, where he is not shy to place some crazy bets with more than six figures. Of course, he is also part of the cast of the very famous boxing gamblers. In fact, Pazienza has even admitted to gambling at online casinos during his free time.

In Conclusion

As you can see, betting on sports or games is not a strange thing to do among boxers. Here we have only talked about the five most famous cases of super athletes. Still, of course, dozens of other cases are, in fact, even more involved in putting their money at risk.

What is clear is that apart from the odd case that has gone out of control, most of these athletes can quietly afford to gamble figures that other mortals could never imagine. You have to keep in mind that boxing is a sport that moves unthinkable amounts of money, both in betting and for the fighters themselves.

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