Slot Games Show Explosive Audience Growth During COVID-19

The role of coronavirus-related restrictions has negatively influenced lots of industries. But the exception to the rules should always break the latter, shouldn’t it? In this case, the role of an outliner has been assigned to the gaming and gambling markets. So what helped online slots and their alternatives to spread their services even more successfully than ever before? Can it be considered the peak of the tech boom or just another epoch of its great development? Stay tuned to get aware of the current events in the field.

Why & How People Turn into Game Fans

According to statistics, over fifty per cent of US residents preferred to spend their leisure time playing games of different kinds. Just imagine how amazing the related data in other lands is. Although during several phases of lockdowns, the percentage of fans could have varied, there is a simple truth enthusiasts can get out of that information — the increasing popularity and more advantage potential to expand the target audience aren’t under debate.

But what is hidden under people’s desire to investigate the gaming market more? Here are some of the main reasons that explain why the industry under analysis keeps on gaining momentum:

Out of Boredom

That is the most obvious clue, for sure. Stay-at-home restrictions mean that you achieve plenty of free time to do whatever you want. However, after cleaning your house/apartment one hundred thousand times, cooking all the recipes you want, chatting with your friends, and other similar deeds, it turns out your list of actions loses numerous positions.

From this perspective, games are a perfect solution to fight against your boredom. Since their variety is so impressive, customers can easily find not just the best mode they want to play. Besides, they always have a chance to give a try to new options.

Modern styles and genres of games attract people’s attention with their plots, and the use of advanced 3D graphic effects and animation makes you absolutely involved in the process. It feels like you are a movie character. At the same time, you are not only enabled to witness the events but take an active part in them and influence the game flow.


Being in isolation and experiencing unplanned and non-desired conditions when you have to stay at home literally 24/7 have become very depressing and somewhat annoying for a lot of people. That’s why a desire to keep tuned to the rapidly developing world and to be in touch with individuals they care about is absolutely understandable.

However, there are so many social networks maintaining possibilities for exchanging audio messages, video calls, and etc., so one may hardly believe gaming has turned out to be a winner of attention-grabbing skills here. But the truth is that the desire to socialize and get new acquaintances is much more simplified and smoothened when the medium of like-minded individuals is chosen.

What about gaming friendships during the worldwide pandemic? So this industry has appeared to become a uniting link between persons of different nations and cultures. Gaming, as well as online gambling activities, deprive communication off all those stereotypes one may face in real life during in-person interactions.

The Future of the Industry: Will the Interest Continue to Growth?

One of the intriguing matters that arise when it comes to the gaming sphere is worries about how long this engagement will continue. Logically, after such a huge boom, there should be a decrease in the interest in online pokies and related activities. However, there are several signs the scenario is likely to differ a lot from that suggestion.

The target audience of gaming companies, as well as ilucki online casino and other establishments, has been significantly expanded. In turn, this change has become a provoking mechanism for other updates that will help businesses of the kind to keep on an even level and evoke even more.

First of all, these alterations have a huge impact on the sales and revenue rates of firms and corporations. A jump of about 20% — this is a calculated percent of global revenue growth. The industry of mobile gaming is also on the go, increasing sales exponentially.

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