Why the Fight Between AJ and Tyson Fury Must Happen

The upset loss to Usyk has put AJ in a hard position and really threatened his chances to face off with Tyson Fury.

Fans Are Stoked about a Fight between AJ and Fury

The bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been long-coming. The two boxers have not spared voicing their opinions in the meantime of what they would do to the other man were they to end up in the ring. After AJ lost his first bout against Andy Ruiz Jr., Fury said that Joshua "was done."

AJ wasn't happy, but he managed to rally in the follow-up fight and avenged himself. In the meantime, Tyson Fury has been able to take care of Deontay Wilder not one but three times. The beef between the two has been put to rest, with Wilder no longer able to fight Fury again. Just think about it like this, Wilder has been looking for a challenge, and he found it. If you are looking for a fun challenge for yourself, we recommend checking out bonus brezpla─Źnih vrtljajev.

AJ has been not happy just to sit around and wait, and he decided to take on Oleksandr Usyk, a boxer who is significantly lighter than he is but a highly more technical and maneuverable fighter, too. As Tony Sloterman, Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder, says, the technique is important to success more than raw power, and the bout between Usyk and AJ showed as much.

Can AJ Build up Hype against Fury after Usyk's Defeat?

The only way that promoters and AJ will feel satisfied with a bout against Fury is if AJ comes stronger in the next fight against Usyk, which will definitely be happening. While Usyk is in no hurry to train hard again, he is confident that he can do much better.

After the fight against AJ earlier this year, Usyk said that his coach had told him not to knock AJ out. The final action on the ropes really showed that Usyk had been holding back, and not surprisingly, judges acknowledged his victory.

Now, AJ will have one shot at redeeming himself, much like he would against Andy Ruiz, whom he crushed in the follow-up fight. However, Usyk is no Ruiz Jr. He is a highly technical fighter with a steely mindset and some 335 amateur boxing bouts.

For Joshua to really build up that hype that a Fury fight deserves, he will have to make an impression in the next fight against Usyk. Yet, Usyk is just a start.

The Real Challenger Is Fury, But So Is Usyk

Usyk may seem like a bump on the road of a fight between Joshua vs. Fury, but the truth is Usyk himself wants to take on the Gypsy King. This means that while the media focus is on AJ, he is not a shoo-in against Usyk. In fact, he may never get to fight Fury if Usyk defeats him in the follow-up fight.

Highly technical, lighter, and, in his words, "holding back," Usyk will have the opportunity to take on AJ and possibly stop his ascent to a fight against the Gypsy King. Fans are stoked, though, and they want to see a fight between AJ and Fury because much of the media dialogue has been focusing on the barbs these two exchange. Usyk, in the meantime, has been a quiet and respectful fighter. Well, he has now come into what was a sure bout between AJ and Fury and really upset the board.

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