Boxing bet types: everything you need to know

Boxing is an exciting sport, and it’s loved by many people globally. Like football, basketball, tennis and a host of other sports, you can also bet on possible outcomes of a boxing match. Not all betting sites have the option of staking on boxing, but top rated websites like m88 have various betting options available for boxing matches. If you are an ardent lover of the game and know of a game where a particular boxer is bound to win, you can choose to wager on it and enjoy the proceeds if the game eventually goes as you predicted.

However, you don’t have to know every rule that the boxing game entails before you can bet on it. All you need to know are the basic rules to help you make the right decisions while placing bets.

Basic Boxing Rules

• A boxing match can go as long as 9-12 rounds, with each round lasting for three minutes.

• A winner can be declared when one of the boxers is able to knock out the other. A knockout happens when a boxer becomes unconscious or unable to stand after the referee counts from ten to one.

• In the absence of a knockout throughout the match, the winner of the game will be the boxer with the highest number of points, according to the judges. Most times, these judges are always three in number, and their primary duty is to award points based on factors such as punches, sparring, hugging, etc.

Types Of Boxing Bets

To become a pro on boxing betting, understanding the rules is not just enough; you have to understand the betting terminologies and what each one insinuates.

1. Bout Betting: This option is similar to the outright winner bet in football, where you place a wager on the home team winning, the away team winning, or a draw. Bout betting lets you bet on either boxers winning through knockouts or accumulated points. You can also bet on the possibility of both fighters having the same number of points at the end of the match.

2. Round Betting: This betting option requires more precision than just guessing who will come out victorious in the game, but you will also have to specify the particular round that they will earn their win. If you envisage that one of the boxers will knock out the other in the 5th round, you should place a bet accordingly. If the knockout happens before the 5th round or the match extends past round five, you lose the bet.

3. Round Group Betting: This option is a lot similar to round betting, but this one offers you more options, as you can choose multiple rounds. For example, you can bet that either of the boxers will emerge victorious between round 1-3, round 6-9, 8-10, etc. Although this alternative provides you with more probability of winning your stake, it comes with lesser odds than the round betting option.

4. Over And Under: This is pretty much the same with the over and under betting option in other sports, such as football and basketball. Only that this time, it refers to the number of rounds expected. If you believe that a boxing match will last more than six rounds, you can place a bet on the over 5.5 option, and if you think otherwise, you can play under 5.5.

5. Method Of Victory: Just as the name implies, this bet is about how the winner earns victory in the match. If you are confident that one of the boxers can knock out the other one, you can wager on the disqualification method of victory. Perhaps you know that either of the fighters doesn’t play by the rules and may stand the risk of facing disqualification; you can wager on that also.

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