Boxing Events in California

Boxing is one of the world's oldest and most beloved combat sports While written records for the sport date back to Ancient Egypt in 6000 BCE, most historians believe that the martial art has been around much longer. Indeed, boxing epitomizes “striking” martial arts, which prehistoric humans may have invented along with grappling.

Today, boxing remains the most popular combat sport. While MMA is closing the gap, most people still tune in to watch pay-per-view boxing events and buy tickets for live fights. In California, the sport enjoys quite a bit of popularity. Therefore, this article will discuss Cali's most notable boxing events and why they remain popular.

Boxing Betting and Odds

A conversation about boxing would only be complete with a discussion on betting. For most of human history, people have been wagering on boxing competitions. However, the pinnacle of boxing betting came in the 20th century, and it has not let up since.

In the Digital Age, which is the 21st century, we prefer to do things online. Indeed, online gambling in California is on the rise. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise many that betting on boxing online is also quite popular.

Online sportsbooks do their best to create fair and balanced odds. They analyze the fighters’ style, stats, history, and current standing and distill the data into numbers and percentages. For this reason, plenty of people have fully abandoned land-based sportsbooks in favor of their online successors.

Boxing Venues in California

When we think about boxing in Cali, the first place we likely think of is Los Angeles. Indeed, there are many boxing venues in the City of Angels. One of the most notable ones is, of course, the Arena.

Capable of seating up to 21,000 people, the Arena is a multi-purpose venue, hosting football, basketball, boxing, and wrestling events. Notable boxing events that have been held in the Arena include several HBO Championship matches.

The Dodger Stadium is another popular venue in L.A. Notably, the 1963 WBC and WBA title fights between “Sugar” Ramos and Davey Moore were held there. Tragically, Davey Moore passed away a few days after losing the fight to Ramos.

Los Angeles is one of many cities in Cali where you can watch top-quality matches. Sacramento has a lot of boxing gyms where enthusiasts can go to train as well as watch quality amateur fights. On top of that, the city also hosts boxing events in various sports arenas, the most notable of which is the Charles C. Hughes stadium.

Fans of the sport will also find boxing venues in cities like San Francisco, Pasadena, Tulare, and various other cities. If you enjoy boxing, California is one of the best states to be in.

Next Boxing Matches

Boxing has been rejuvenated in recent years. Though many might not like to hear it, “celebrity boxing” or “influencer boxing” has hugely impacted popularizing the sport. While some might say these events are “not real boxing,” there is no denying that they serve as a gateway into the sport proper.

Due to the surge in popularity of boxing, there are now plenty of websites that cover upcoming matches. For example, you can look at the boxing schedule for upcoming matches nationwide, not just in California.

Of course, America does not hold a monopoly on boxing. The sport remains the most popular fighting style around the world. Unsurprisingly, it is also the most-watched combat sport in the world. And if you want to review the global boxing schedule, ESPN does a fine job keeping track of everything.

Popular Boxing Events in California

One of California's more notable annual boxing events is the Pasadena Centennial Square Boxing Show. The best amateur boxers gather in Pasadena and face off in a professional, full-scale ring. The event is family-friendly, action-packed, and allows fighters ages eight or older.

The International Boxing Federation has also hosted some of its conventions in California. The most recent example was 2022, when they held it in Long Beach. The convention features panels of notable athletes, pundits, and fans deeply passionate about the sport.

Finally, anyone looking to get into boxing can easily find some top-quality boxing gyms in cities all over the state. Cali is a great place to blow off steam, learn more about the sport, or even start your boxing career.


How popular is boxing in the world?

Boxing is undoubtedly, the most popular combat sport in the world today. Watched and practiced by millions, the millennia-old combat style remains incredibly popular.

How popular is boxing in California?

Boxing is the most popular combat sport in Cali. And though MMA is quickly encroaching, boxing remains in the lead financially and in popularity.

Where can I watch boxing matches in Cali?

Plenty of boxing gyms host amateur tournaments. For the pro matches, some of the biggest arenas in the state have been known to host championship bouts.

Can I bet on boxing?

Of course. Plenty of sportsbooks, both online and offline, do a great job of covering boxing events.

Can I join a boxing gym in Cali?

Absolutely. California is a great state for upcoming boxers.

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