• Callum Walsh vs Ismael Villarreal Nov 9th at MSG

  • Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, New York, USA

    9pm ET UFC Fight Pass

    Bouts 1 - Updated Fri, Nov 10 2023

    • Main Event
      Superwelter Weight
      Scheduled 10RDS
    • 'King' Callum Walsh is set to make his New York debut on one of the grandest stages in the world of boxing, The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The ten-round main event scheduled for Thursday, November 9 will be broadcast worldwide via UFC Fight Pass, marking the platform's debut at Madison Square Garden for boxing. "Every fighter dreams of stepping into the ring at Madison Square Garden," Walsh expressed. "It's an exciting week for combat sports, and it's a dream come true to compete at 'The Mecca of Boxing' in New York City just before UFC 295. I'm eagerly looking forward to delivering an unforgettable performance for the fans and my fellow Irish compatriots." Holding the 16th position in the World Boxing Council (WBC) rankings, this proud son of Cork, Ireland, is returning to the ring after a dominant fourth-round victory over the seasoned Juan Jose Velasco in Los Angeles, CA.

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