Mayweather vs Canelo judges, referee announced

Earlier today the judges and referees were announced for the September 14th mega PPV event headlined by Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Canelo Alvarez. Referee Kenny Bayless will be the third man in the ring when Mayweather and Canelo square off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. CJ Ross, Dave Moretti, and Craig Metcalfe are the three judges judging the fight. 

CJ Ross is a veteran judge that has been around for a long time. However, last year she caused a huge stir as she was one of two judges to outrageously score the Pacquiao-Bradley fight for Bradley with a score of 115-113. Many thought that even a blind person could have scored the bout for Pacquiao, and her score caused a huge uproar. 

Craig Metcalfe has been around awhile as well. Metcalfe has a few championship bouts under his belt. His biggest fight in recent years was the bout between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. Metcalfe scored the bout for Ward 115-113. The score was alot closer than people thought the fight was. had it 118-110 for Ward as well as most media outlets.

The most experienced judge is Dave Moretti. Moretti has been in a number of huge fights, and has had to judge some very close controversial fights. He's judged them all without any negative controversy to surround them. Many thought that his 115-113 score for Pacquiao over Marquez in the third bout wasn't right but it was a fight that could have went either way. 

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