Floyd Mayweather mocks possible opponents

Floyd Mayweather is surely having a good time during the holiday season. While it's widely known that Mayweather doesn't handle his social media outlets himself he usually knows what's being said on them. Over the last few days Mayweather has been sending out tweets mocking Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, Amir Khan, and Marcos Maidana. Drawn out sketches of him knocking out Khan and punching Maidana and Pacquiao in the face surfaced on his twitter accounts with captions to add to the fun. Most notabley though are his digs at Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach. Mayweather announced his Christmas card to everyone showing a picture of him and Pacquiao talking about the 40$ million dollars that Pacquiao refused to take before Mayweather went to prison. The picture shows Pacquiao begging for Mayweather to call him again after the KO loss to Marquez. He then posted a picture of himself with an asian man saying that he looked like a mixture of Pacquiao and Roach, calling him Manny Roach.

Mayweather has been known to use twitter to spark debates before announcing his fights. Last year he sent out a tweet saying that Devon Alexander had been "front runner" to fight him despite everyone knowing that it would be Robert Guerrero. Whether Mayweather is seriously looking at Maidana or Pacquiao as a May 3rd opponent is doubtful, and it appears that he is just having fun. Amir Khan is believed to be the May 3rd opponent, and an announcement should be coming within the next few weeks.

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