Golovkin-Geale: 12 Rounds Of Thought

My initial thoughts on Gennady “GGG” Golovkin’s three round destruction of Daniele Geale and Bryant Jennings controversial split decision victory over Mike Perez. 

Round 1:  First and foremost… a referee should NEVER be a major influence in a fight.  To take a point away from Mike Perez in the 12th round without warning is absolutely atrocious! The fight would have been a draw… a fight that was very competitive, close and most importantly, not dirty.  Tough break for Mike Perez. 


Round 2:  With that being said… neither Bryant Jennings nor Mike Perez do anything to push the needle forward.  These are two above average heavyweights who don’t possess the power or skill to be a serious threat to Wladimir Klitschko.  Personally, I rank recently fallen Chris Arreola over both of them. 


Round 3:  As for the fight itself, it was better than I thought… but not good by any means.  Each fighter had their moments.  Jennings had an opportunity to really take over, but never took advantage of his momentum. 


Round 4:  Jennings dominated rounds 7 & 8, wobbled Perez in the eighth… but couldn’t follow up.  A sign of a really good fighter is his ability to build on momentum… and Jennings was unable to do such. 


Round 5:  Gennady Golovkin is a superstar in the making.  He has it all… the look, physique, ability, showmanship and most importantly… lethal power.  He is entertainment in the purest form. 


Round 6:  Just think… Golovkin was hit while throwing the punch he landed to knock Geale out… imagine if he wasn’t… eesh!


Round 7:  A very underrated aspect of GGG’s arsenal is his stiff jab.  It’s damn near a power punch! He kept Geale off-balance and constantly on his heels. 


Round 8:  I had a few people make remarks about Golovkin’s defense… saying he took too many shots and drops his right hand.  Easy response… he knew early in the first round that Geale couldn’t hurt him and from that point on, he was in terminator mode. 


Round 9:  Something else that goes overlooked is Golovkin’s ability to make subtle movements with his head and shoulders to avoid punches.  He’s always in position to fire back. 


Round 10:  He has an innate ability to cut-off the ring.  Geale tried to stay on the outside, but Golovkin quickly suffocated him and made the ring feel smaller than an elevator.


Round 11:  It’s become obvious to me that GGG dares to be great.  His post-fight interview with Kellerman was what we want from all prizefighters… no fear.  He wants the best.  Called out Cotto… and wants to unify the division.  


Round 12:  From 154-168, the only fighter I see giving Golovkin some trouble is Andre Ward… and he’s been on hiatus.  Cotto MAY fight him, but I don’t see it… he’s a rejuvenated fighter who has bigger paydays on the horizon.  Why lose all that momentum by getting in the ring with such an animal?  I’d put my next three year’s salary on the line that Oscar De La Hoya keeps Canelo Alvarez light years away from a match-up with Golovkin.  Froch already damn near admitted he wouldn’t fight him.  Chavez Jr. had his chance to no avail.  So who?... It all leads to Solomon, then possibly Quillin if the networks can work something out.  Regardless, neither Solomon or Quillin give Golovkin the opportunity to hold the stature that equates to his true potential.  This man has an aura… a specialness that comes around maybe once a decade.  Sad to say, without that marquee victory on a national stage, his impact on the sport will not nearly be what it should be.  

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