Roger Mayweather Wants Pacquiao Rematch or Khan

Mayweather has stated that he has one more fight left then he is retiring. He also has one more fight left on his Showtime contract. Coming off a win against a "injured" Pacquiao does not seem to sit well with uncle Mayweather. "To be honest, I would like to see Pacquiao,” R.Mayweather told On the Ropes Boxing. There is a problem, with the shoulder injury recover time Pacquiaio will not be ready for a September fight. This does not leave Mayweather many options for an opponent. One possibility is Amir Khan.

“Oh well then he can’t do nothing,” Mayweather said. “I guess Floyd’s gonna have to go somewhere else. I don’t know who he’s gonna fight, but he’s going to have to fight somebody. That’s fine too. He can fight Amir Khan. That’s a fight for him, I can’t say no.

There is a problem with Khan fight also.. his observance of Ramadan. This could affect his training. However his camp is stating that he can and will be ready.

More to come as this all unfolds. We are all waiting to see who Mayweather fights next.

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